SUSS MicroTec Lithography GmbH
Andreas Rath
Quality Management Representative 

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Quality Management

The leading position of SUSS MicroTec with its production divisions for lithography systems, photomask equipment, substrate bonder and microoptics is built on our strong commitment to quality.
Our quality goals are founded on sustainable customer trust, customer value, cooperative partnerships and most of all motivated employees. We focus on delivering high quality products, services and innovative solutions.

Sustainable Customer Trust

We work with the utmost integrity and strive to be open and credible in our communication with customers. We believe that it is our part of the customers´ success to be a reliable source, constantly committed to deliver products and services that meet our customers expectations.

Cooperative Supplier Partnership

We invent and develop processes, products and services to facilitate the success of our customers. Our long-term, cooperative supplier partnerships ensure that products are on-time and delivered to meet customer specifications with the highest quality available.

Motivated Personnel

We promote the growth and development of each employee. It is our believe that each person is a source of quality having clear defined responsibilities for technological developments, production and business processes.

High Quality Product Service

We guarantee that our products and services will meet or exceed the quality expectations of our customers.  We utilize industry experts, the latest technology, continuous quality control and improvement processes to achieve world-class results.

Approved Quality

All MicroTec divisions share our strong commitment to quality. Processes are based on effective quality management, subject to continuous improvement programs and have been certified pursuant to ISO 9001.

Suppliers are selected according to pre-determined criteria and are requested to maintain the highest level of quality.  

Our development follows stringent concepts, based on customer expectations, international standards and our own rich experiences. Each stage of development is subjected to relevant quality measurements and feedback controls.  

Our production operates according to standardized specifications. With the use of the kanban system and sophisticated modular concepts our supply of materials is subject to minimum cycle times on the highest quality.