Visit us at MNE - The 39th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering and discuss developments and future directions on solid-state sensors, actuators and microsystems. Meet our experts and address questions about materials, equipment and processing of your application.


39th International Micro & Nano Engineering Conference (MNE 2013)

Date: September 16-19, 2013
Location: London, UK - Imperial College London
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Topic:Advanced Mask Aligner Lithography (AMALITH): Source-Mask Optimization for Proximity Lithography
Presenter:Reinhard Völkel
Date:September 19, 2013

Poster Presentation

Topic:Alignment accuracy in a Mask Aligner using Substrate Conformal Imprint
Lithography (SCIL)
Presenter:Ulrike Schoembs
Date:September 17, 2013
Time:16:50 - 18:20

LAB - 3D Lithography Simulation Workshop

LAB – 3D Simulation Workshop will focus on 3D optical proximity lithography simulation using mask aligner. The workshop is organized by GenISys in co-operation with SUSS Microtec. We will present techniques like OPC, SMO (Source Mask Optimization) using the new MO Exposure Optics for SUSS mask aligner and simulation of topographical stacks. 3D resist simulation and resist parameter calibration from Fraunhofer IISB will be discussed.
Date:September 20, 2013
Time:09:00 - 13:00
Agenda:Please click here for more information

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