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Our customer magazine SUSS report provides you with an insider update on innovations and trends in equipment solutions for the semiconductor and related industries. You will find exciting technical publications as well as praxis-orientated reports and personal notes by our experts.

Have a look in our latest SUSS report issue as well as in our archive. Single articles are also available as technical publications.

We are happy to share with you the latest issue of our customer magazine „SUSS report“.


  • Developments to Improve Process Stability on the New MA200 Gen3
  • Optimizing Spray Coater Process Parameters
  • Optimizing Spray Coating Yield and Throughput
  • Efficient Ozone, Sulfate and Ammonium Free Resist Stripping Process
  • Excimer Laser Via-Drilling - Options to Further Capabilities of Next Generation Wafer Level Processing Devices


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