Publication of the Preliminary Figures for the Fiscal Year 2013

  • Full year sales with EUR 134.5 million on upper end of guidance
  • Full year EBIT better than expected: EUR -19.4 million
  • Sales of EUR 40.5  million in Q4
  • Order Intake of EUR 29.1 million in Q4
  • Strong Free Cash Flow in Q4 reaches EUR 14.0 million


Garching, February 13, 2014 – SUSS MicroTec, a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor and related markets, publishes its preliminary figures for the 2013 fiscal year today.

The Company generated sales of EUR 134.5 million (previous year: EUR 163.8 million) in the last fiscal year and booked an order entry of EUR 135.0 million (previous year: EUR 157.2 million). The order backlog amounted to EUR 85.7 million (12/31/2012: EUR 86.5 million). Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) came in at EUR -19.4 million (previous year: EUR 11.7 million), which is better than the guidance of EUR -27 to -22 million. The EBIT for 2013 included a special effect of EUR 13.2 million which resulted from the measures taken in the permanent bonding product line. The EBIT-Margin for 2013 reached -14.4% (previous year: 7.1%).

The fourth quarter was in line with our expectations. Order entry came in at EUR 29.1 million. Sales of EUR 40.5 million were below the high level of the previous year (EUR 55.6 million). The EBIT reached EUR -6.2 million after EUR 8.6 million in the previous year. The EBIT of the fourth quarter includes a special effect of EUR 7.2 million, resulting from the measures taken in the permanent bonding product line. Without this effect the EBIT for Q4 2013 would have been EUR 0.8 million.

The Free Cash Flow for the fiscal year, before security transactions and extraordinary effects as well as M&A transactions, was EUR 4.1 million, compared to EUR -4.5 million in the previous year. Cash and interest bearing securities amounted to EUR 47.1 million at the end of the fiscal year 2013. Net liquidity increased from EUR 32.3 to EUR 35.7 million on December 31, 2013 million despite the acquisition of the real estate in Garching.
Taking the order backlog at the yearend 2013 and the expected order entry for the first half of 2014 into account, the Company guides sales for the fiscal year to come in between EUR 135 million and 145 million. The operating result (EBIT) is expected to come in between EUR minus 5 and 0 million.

For the first quarter 2014 the management board expects an order intake between EUR 25 and 35 million.

The final key figures for the 2013 fiscal year – which may deviate from those given above – will be published on March 28, 2014.