Tamarack Scientific Co. Inc. is now SUSS MicroTec Photonic Systems Inc. (a SÜSS MicroTec AG Company)

Lithography Plus


SUSS MicroTec offers a broad product range to meet the different price and performance points required by the industry.


  • Up to 300 mm wafers
  • Customized illumination
  • High throughput
  • Resolution down to 3 μm
  • Sub-micron alignment


  • Up to 450 x 500 mm substrates
  • Full-field 1 x scan or step & repeat
  • Large depth of focus
  • Resolution down to 2 μm
  • Sub-micron alignment

Laser Structuring

  • High throughput, non-thermal removal of metals, dielectrics and organics
  • Feature size to 2 μm, vias to 1 μm
  • High precision sub-micron alignment
  • Wafers to 450 mm, substrates to 800 x 800 mm
  • Process versatility - ablate, anneal, texture, de-bond


  • For small and large areas
  • Hard and soft stamps
  • Easy change from standard aligner operations to nanoimprint lithography
  • UV-NIL for sub 50 nm geometries
  • SCIL for up to 200 mm wafers

Micro Optics

  • High-quality high-performance micro-optics
  • Diffractive and refractive optical elements
  • Fiber coupling elements for telecom
  • Laser beam shaping and homogenizing
  • Wafer-Level Optics

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