The semiconductor industry represents the traditional market for the process solutions offered by SUSS MicroTec. Semiconductor manufacturers are facing a challenge as a result of the growing demand for powerful microchips among device manufacturers, especially for consumer electronics: increasingly faster and at the same time smaller chips are required.

This means that packaging processes are playing prominent role in semiconductor manufacturing. Such processes, involving bonding the semiconductor chip with the chip carrier or printed circuit board, are having a decisive impact on chip size and performance. In addition, environmental considerations are driving new material requirements. These factors support a migration from traditional wire bonding to advanced packaging as the preferred method for connection of the semiconductor chip to the chip carrier or printed circuit board, and from leaded to lead free packages. The technique of wafer-level packaging allows wafer-level processes to be performed on semiconductor devices. As chip packaging densities increase, 3D architectures are becoming viable alternatives to the standard 2D designs.

2D as well as 3D packaging processes play a role in the manufacturing of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), also referred to as microsystems. MEMS are used in a wide variety of areas, from the automotive industry and consumer electronics to medical technology. MEMS manufacturing requires special parameters. Compound semiconductors, which serve as the basis for LED technology, also require special packaging processes.

SUSS MicroTec offers a wide product portfolio for wafer and photomask processing, ensuring manufacturers a cutting-edge advantage in highly competitive markets. Our products include special tooling for a wide range of production environments that support highly diverse areas of application.

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