DSM200 Gen2

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Incorporating the latest pattern recognition and metrology technology, the DSM200 Gen2 offers the highest measurement accuracy of 0.2um at 3sigma on a fully automated platform with minimized operator intervention. The system provides overlay and IR metrology capability to complete typical measurement requirements in the field of MEMS, LED and 3D packaging.

Product Features & Highlights

  • Unsurpassed measurement accuracy of 0.2µm
  • Throughput: 50W/h
  • IR metrology mode 
  • Edge handling capability
  • Measurement area: full wafer surface up to 8 inch
  • Manual and automated mode
  • Multi size toolset (2"/3", 4"/5", 6"/8" chuck) minimizes time required for wafer size changeover
  • Single sided overlay measurement (based on DirectAlign Technology)