Lithography Solutions

Mask Aligner

Unmatched Precision for Thin and Thick Film Applications

The SUSS MicroTec Mask Aligner has become synonymous with superior quality, high alignment accuracy, and sophisticated exposure optics. SUSS MicroTec offers a complete range of mask aligners for high-end fab automation, high volume production and R&D environments alike. SUSS MicroTec designs their mask aligner systems for lithography applications in the field of 3D Packaging, Advanced Packaging, MEMS, LED, Compound Semiconductors, Power Devices, Photovoltaic, Nanotechnology and Wafer Level Optics. 

SUSS MicroTec Mask Aligners process wafers from pieces up to 300mm in any kind of size, shape and thickness. The systems can be configured with manifold features that fit to various applications and are designed to achieve submicron resolution and overlay.

Automated Mask Aligner

Manual Mask Aligner