MA300 Gen2

In addition to the standard topside alignment with accuracies down to 0.5µm (DirectAlign) the new 3D dedicated alignment platform enables bottom side and infrared alignment for 300 mm based three-dimensional (3D) packaging lithography applications such as etch masks for TSVs and dicing streets, backside redistribution layers (RDLs) or bumping applications. While bottom-side alignment enables SUSS MicroTec 300mm Mask Aligners to process double-sided structured wafers, the infrared alignment option allows the handling of opaque, yet IR-transparent materials such as adhesives, in particular for thin wafer handling or encapsulation applications.

Unlike steppers proximity mask aligners are very efficient when exposing very thick layers. Mask aligners offer large process windows because they don't have the depth of focus limitations known from projection systems.


All alignment technologies of the MA300 Gen2 stand for high alignment accuracy:

Exposure Optics

MA300 Gen2’s range of exposure optics offer high resolution as well as process flexibility:

Product Features & Highlights

  • Full-field intensity 90mW/cm² (broad band)
  • 5% Light Uniformity
  • 100 percent edge exposure flexibility (easy EBR)
  • Resolution down to 3.5 µm in Proximity Mask
  • Alignment accuracy 0.5 µm (3 sigma), with DirectAlign option
  • Can be equipped with a dedicated alignment kit for creating 3D interconnects
  • 20% throughput enhancement compared to previous generation (MA300 Plus)
  • Offers a large variety of options