MA/BA Gen4 Pro Series

The MA/BA Gen4 Pro series is easy to integrate into production environments and is highly compatible with SUSS MicroTec’ s automated mask aligners. Therefore, a process transfer from development to production is easily made. It stands out through its well-thoughtout functionality (it is an industry standard) and a high degree of functional automation. Automated pattern recognition and alignment supports a high production rate and low scrap rate.

High resolution optics and exposure systems as well as the most modern alignment processes make the MA/BA Gen4 Pro series a valuable tool when venturing into uncharted territory. It supports several imprint processes for micro and nanostructures. With only a little adaptation, it allows wafer-to-wafer alignment, easy fusion bonding as well as pre-process plasma treatments of the substrate surface. 


  • Resolution down to 0.5 µm
  • Alignment precision of down to 0.25 µm
  • Light uniformity of 3.5% max


All alignment technologies of the MA/BA Gen4 Pro series stand for high alignment accuracy:


Exposure Optics

  • HR and LGO optics
  • Diffraction-reducing optics


  • Assisted alignment
  • Auto alignment
  • Image processing
  • Wedge error compensation (WEC)