MA/BA8 Gen3

The Dedicated Solution for Industrial Research and Operator Assisted Alignment

The MA/BA8 Gen3 is the new benchmark in full-field lithography for MEMS, Advanced Packaging, 3D Integration and Compound Semiconductor markets. In addition, it supports emerging processes like micro- and nano-imprinting, bond alignment and UV-bonding as well as selective Plasma activation with its unmatched variety of options and maximum flexibility.


  • High resolution (HR) optics allow patterning of structures below 0.5µm
  • Operator assisted and auto alignment permits <0.25 µm alignment accuracy
  • Advanced semi-automatic functions for maximum process control
  • Processes compatibility with automated equipment
  • Optimized splitfield microscope with eyepieces. Direct viewing and/or LCD flat screen options possible
  • Offers a large variety of options

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