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Advanced Single Substrate Cleaner ASC 5500

ASC 5500 ensures 100% soft defect removal, careful PSM cleaning and minimal residual ions
during critical cleaning stages.

  • Resist strip and pre-clean
  • Final clean
  • Pellicle adhesive cleaning
  • Backside cleaning of pellicallized masks

ASC 5500 can be equipped for fully automated processing of multiple types of substrate

  • Binary and phase shift masks
  • Photomasks and other square substrates up to 9”
  • Round Substrates (wafers or imprint masks) up to 300mm

ASC 5500 meets and exceeds safety and ergonomic standards, SEMI S2-0302 and SEMI S8-0701,
and is CE marked.

Product Features & Highlights

  • Highest first pass cleaning yield, resulting in extended mask life.
  • Minimal phase and transmission change.
  • Low residual ion concentrations avoiding haze.
  • Enables both dry and wet cleaning processes, reducing chemicals usage: Dual Megasonic cleaning,
    In-situ SC1, In-Situ SPM, 172nm UV dry cleaning, Ultra-Clean hot DI rinse
  • ESD-safe cleaning
  • Monitoring PoU media parameters
  • Low cost of ownership with small footprint (1200 x 1200mm)
  • High reliability and uptime, proven by large installed base of > 200 systems (ASx series)
  • Fully automated, including SMIF load / unload
  • Equipment clustering option, e.g. with Pellicle mount station or inspection station