LabSpin6 and LabSpin8

LabSpin systems are offered in two versions for up to 150 or 200mm wafers, either as table-top (TT) unit or for integration into a wet bench (BM). LabSpin coaters can process a wide range of substrates starting from pieces up to 150/200mm round wafers 100x100mm or 150x150mm squares.

The small footprint requires only minimum space. A wide range of LabSpin options are available designed to suit the needs of any application. LabSpin systems offer spin coating optional with syringe or automatic dispense system, edge coating, edge bead removal or puddle development.


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  • Spin coating
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LabSpin Configurator

What are your needs?

Beside some overall requirements all labs have different needs which arise from their specialized topics. This is why SUSS MicroTecs LabSpin tools are well designed and rock solid built basic coaters but can be equipped with various carefully selected options.

This configurator will guide you in a few easy steps to your perfect new lab tool.

Click here to configure your LabSpin