Automated Spray Coater for High Topographies

SUSS MicroTec's proprietary AltaSpray coating technology is a unique resist deposition method that is capable of producing highly uniform resist films on different 3-D microstructures. The AltaSpray technology is capable of coating 90° corners, KOH etched cavities, Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) or lenses with topographies ranging from a few micron to 600µm or more. The ability to produce conformal resist coatings on severe topography makes them the ideal choice for R&D, MEMS, 3D-Integration and Wafer Level Packaging applications like 3D image sensor packaging.

SUSS AltaSpray topography coating modules are available for the ACS300 Gen2 and ACS200 Gen3 platforms. The AltaSpray module allows processing of wafers with diameters of 200mm and 300mm as well as squares up to 8" edge length. All AltaSpray coater modules are can be equipped with up to two separate spray dispense systems. The sophisticated resist supply system offers unmatched process stability and reproducibility. All spray and cleaning parameters can be programmed in the recipe.

Product Features & Highlights

  • Available for the ACS300 Gen2 platforms
  • Enabling technology for patterning across severe topography
  • Conformal coating with top edge coverage while avoiding resists accumulation in trenches
  • Proprietary spray design for optimal process stability and reproducibility
  • Up to two separate spray dispense systems
  • All process parameters are programmable in the recipe