Universal Temporary Wafer Bonder for High Volume Manufacturing

SUSS MicroTec‘s XBS300 platform for temporary bonding represents the next generation of high volume manufacturing temporary bonder solutions. The 200/300mm wafer bonding platform can be configured for low cost of ownership and maximum process flexibility.


  • Open Platform for Temporary Bonding of 200/300mm Wafers
  • Supports All Commercially Available Temporary Bonding
  • Compatible with Silicon or Glass Carriers
  • Notch and Center Alignment for Same or Different Size Carriers
  • High Throughput Processes for Adhesive and Release Layer
  • Best in Class TTV with SUSS MicroTec Patented GYRSET®
  • Built in Metrology for Non-Contact, Multi-Point Thickness
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership for Any Available Adhesive Category

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