Wet Cleaning

For our suite of Cleaning Equipment for (advanced) 193i Optical and EUV Lithography reticles, typically a combination of physical and chemical cleaning techniques is used to remove particles as well as organic and inorganic contamination (reticle front- and backside): contamination of the mask affects the correct imaging process in the lithography tool during device manufacturing. The drive of the industry to go to technology nodes down to 22nm hp and beyond requires very efficient, yet very forgiving cleaning technologies.

For particle removal, a combination of High precision MegaSonic and Nano Binary Spray processes with different type of media are applied, resulting in extremely good particle removal efficiency rates. ... read more

The innovative “green” In-Situ UV technology offers a wide range of chemical free process capabilities like surface conditioning; resist strip, organic contamination removal and final clean preserving the pattern integrity by avoiding pattern damage or changes of optical properties of the photomask.

Combined with surface preparation, preservation and purification technologies, MaskTrack® Pro is the latest generation of SUSS MicroTec’s cleaning systems offering holistic approach to address EUVL and 193i specific challenges.