Press release: SUSS MicroTec Receives Three Production Wafer Bonder Orders

Follow-on orders affirm the reliability of SUSS MicroTec's cluster concept

MUNICH, Germany, October 27, 2005 - SUSS MicroTec, the leading equipment supplier for MEMS manufacturing and testing, has received three purchase orders from three different leading device manufacturing companies for its production Wafer Bonder "ABC200". All three orders, with a total value of more than 4 Million US Dollars, were received in September and October and are follow-on orders due to capacity expansions. The systems are scheduled to be shipped by the end of this quarter and early next quarter and will be installed in Europe, North America and Taiwan respectively. MEMS stands for MicroElectro Mechanical Systems. These systems combine tiny mechanical structures with electronic components to make devices like airbag or electronic stabilizers for cars. Wafer bonding is a so-called "enabling technology" which means that it is a process that makes the development of such devices possible. Put simply, two wafers are fixed together with the utmost precision. The bonders which have just been ordered will be used to produce tire pressure sensors and micro-mirrors which are used in beamers and rear projection television systems. Micro mirrors and tire pressure sensors are examples of leading applications in the diversified MEMS market. New cost effective manufacturing processes and consumer demand have pushed these market segments into high volume production. Michael Kipp, General Manager for the Substrate Bonder Division at SUSS MicroTec commented: "We are delighted to receive these orders which further demonstrates that SUSS MicroTec maintains its leadership position in the market for MEMS production systems. All of the purchases are repeat orders which is testimony to the reliability of the systems and the effectiveness of our world wide support structure"