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LED Wafer Level Packaging – Motivation, challenges and solutions to meet future cost targets

In the last years, the manufacturing cost reduction of LED devices was mainly accomplished by increased equipment throughput, lower Capex, yield improvements and a higher degree of automation using dedicated tools for LED manufacturing. Further significant cost reduction is expected by the adoption of WLP approaches that are already field proven in other industry applications like IC and MEMS WLP. SUSS MicroTec offers a wide product portfolio of high quality equipment which provides tailor made solutions and processes to meet the specific requirements of tomorrows LED WLP designs.


UV Enhanced Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography (UV-SCIL) Technique for Photonic Crystals Patterning in LED Manufacturing

In this paper, a revolutionary NIL technique, SCIL, and the corresponding tooling solution on SUSS mask aligners has been introduced. The imprints of 2D holes array over 6 inch area in sol-gel and AMONIL resist with soft PDMS stamp have been demonstrated. The structure depth and residual layer uniformity have been evaluated by measurements on the imprinted wafer. The capability of the UV enhanced SCIL process in AMONIL resist on different substrates has also been demonstrated.


LED Production on the SUSS MA100e Gen2 Mask Aligner

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are increasingly used in many lighting products covering not only the visible spectrum but also ultraviolet and infrared applications. To replace conventional  light bulbs the costs for the production of  LEDs must be low. Historically, the semiconductor industry has relied on increasing the diameter of silicon wafers in order to push productivity  and lower cost. LEDs, however, are made from compound semiconductors  rather than from silicon. And while red LEDs can already be manufactured on  150mm GaAs wafers other compound semiconductor substrates for technical reasons are still limited to a wafer diameter of 2, 3 or 4 inches. Therefore, the demand for increased productivity and lower cost needs to be met by dedicated equipment that combines highest throughput with the ability to meet the particular technological requirements and cost constraints of the LED industry. These requirements can be met by the new MA100e Gen2 Mask Aligner from SUSS MicroTec. On the basis of the well established SUSS MA150e, the MA100e Gen2 was optimized for small wafer sizes up to 4 inch and is equipped with a special high throughput upgrade, including a new pre-aligner, especially designed for transparent wafers.