XBC300 Gen2

Open Platform for More Flexibility

The XBC300 Gen2 debonder and cleaner platform is designed for processing wafers of 200 and 300 mm in size as well as oversized carriers. Sophisticated processing allows for handling of tape mounted device wafer as thin as 50 µm or even below. Its advanced process versatility reaches from mechanical peel-off and Excimer laser-assisted debonding to cleaning capabilities for thinned wafer and carrier wafer. Hereby the XBC300 Gen2 offers a comprehensive solution for 2.5D and 3D integration applications. The SUSS XBC300 Gen2 Debonder and Cleaner platform is designed for process development as well as high volume manufacturing. It offers both, low cost of ownership and process flexibility with full automation.


  • Open platform supporting various materials and technologies
  • Room temperature debonding technologies
  • Tape mounted thin wafer cleaning with tape protection
  • High throughput

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