Fraud Alert

Be on alert for fraudulent orders!

Several suppliers have recently received fake orders in the name of SUSS MicroTec or a subsidiary.
These orders are primarily for technical equipment (laptops, monitors, mobile phones, etc.) but also include other items (e.g. office equipment). The orders use the SUSS MicroTec company logo and the name and address of a SUSS MicroTec company without the corresponding authorization.

SUSS MicroTec takes these incidents very seriously, and is working with authorities to identify and halt this fraud.

You can identify potentially fraudulent orders, particularly, if


  • the sender's email address does not end in "",
  • the delivery address is different from the company address.

If you have any doubts about an order, please contact us and do not ship the goods, in such cases, without official confirmation from SUSS MicroTec.

This communication is intended primarily to protect our suppliers. We hope to reduce the financial damages and put a halt to these fraudulent activities.