50 Years of SUSS Mask Aligner

Today it is the most common thing to surf the internet with a 3G smart phone, we are driving cars with hundreds of sensors and we are watching movies at home on huge high definition flat screen TVs. So what is the role of a mask aligner in today’s electronic industry? Even though the mask aligner disappeared from frontend semiconductor applications, it is widely used to efficiently pattern advanced chip packages such as Wafer Level Packaging of memory or processing units, various LEDs, power devices or MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) structures needed to build the devices or systems used in high-tech devices. In addition, thousands of engineers and students are working everyday on mask aligners during their education and industrial research. Until today the mask aligner lived through continuous changes in the industry and respective applications. Its career began at a time when smart engineers invented their first semiconductor devices. We were in the middle to late 1950s when the first initiatives with groundbreaking achievements were undertaken.