Formation of Precise 2D Au Particle Arrays via Thermally Induced Dewetting on Pre-Patterned Substrates

An increasing amount of scientific attention is being paid to the ordered arrangement of metallic nanoparticles, due to their wide range of potential applications in plasmonics [1,2] , magnetic memories [3] , DNA detection [4] , and catalysis for nanowire and nanofiber growth [5,6] . A simple method to fabricate the nanoparticle arrays is dewetting of thin films on the pre-patterned substrates. Dewetting of metal films on a sub- strate is induced by thermal annealing and driven by the reduction of the surface energy of the thin film and of the interface energy between the film and substrate. Normally, the dewetting of metal films on the flat substrate leads to the broad distribution of particle size and spacing, as shown in Figure 1. Both, mean particle size and the width of particle size distribution increase with increasing film thickness.