SUSS MicroTec’s Unique DSC300 Gen2 Platform – Combined Projection Lithography Performance with Advantages of Full-field Exposure.

The DSC300 Gen2 lithography system of SUSS MicroTec represents the latest generation of its projection scanner technology that is tailored to deliver high imaging performance at lowest cost of ownership. The system is designed to meet key requirements for advanced packaging applications both technically and economically. Its unique scanning exposure technology allows the use of large area photo masks that contain the full pattern image of the substrate which allows the production of non-repeatable features like edge exposure or test die structures. At the same time, a 1:1 projection lens provides high resolution patterning performance combined with a large depth of focus that is required to ensure high pattern fidelity when working with thick resists that are commonly used in advanced packaging or MEMS applications. The system is designed to automatically process 200 and/or 300mm wafers and is based on a less complex system design compared to traditional step and repeat projection lithography systems that directly translates into lower cost of ownership.