Rising energy prices, scarce resources and people’s growing environmental awareness have led to a change in the lighting industry. There is a great need for energy efficient lighting solutions.

The initial situation

Although the light bulb was the preferred means of lighting a few years ago, many consumers have since decided to purchase energy-saving bulbs, even though they are much more expensive than conventional light bulbs. In the meantime, lawmakers have also recognized this trend along with the necessity for energy efficiency and banned the sale of light bulbs over the medium term. But the use of energy-saving bulbs is not a lasting solution because their disposal poses new environmental protection problems and burdens due to the mercury content in the base of the bulb.

The solution – the sustainable technology/sustainable project/sustainable service

A practical solution from today’s perspective is the use of so-called ultra high-brightness LEDs. It’s not just our Mask Aligners though that are used in the LED market segment: SUSS MicroTec Wafer Bonders are used for example to optimize the output of all the photons created in the LEDs. The Bonder carry out the final packaging and thus increase the output of the LEDs. This occurs by aiming the light, which would otherwise be lost as heat, in the desired direction.

The sustainable strengths

The second generation of this Mask Aligner (MA100/150eGen2) is a lithography solution specially developed by SUSS MicroTec for the manufacturing of high-brightness LEDs. The combination of high throughput and high quality in the production process as well as the reduced costs per lumen is of decisive importance for our customers.