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Advanced research inkjet printer

JETx-M Solder Mask

Inkjet printer for PCB manufacturing


Inkjet printer for mass production

DSC300 Gen3 Projection Scanner
ACS300 Gen3 Coater & Developer

Automated Platform for Wafers of up to 300mm

ACS300 Gen2 Coater & Developer

Automated Platform for Wafers of up to 300mm

ACS200 Gen3 Coater & Developer

Automated Platform for Wafers up to 200mm

AS8 and AS12 Coater

Manual Spray Coater for High Topographies

RCD8 Coater & Developer

Resist Coat and Develop Platform

MCS8 Manual Coating System

Labcluster for laboratories, start-ups and small-scale production

LabSpin Series Spin Coater & Developer

Laboratory Spin Coat and Develop Solution for Wafers up to 150 and 200 mm

HP8 Hot Plate

Hot Plate Designed for R&D, Laboratories and Small Scale Production

AD12 Developer

Flexible Solution for Aqueous Development and Cleaning

SD12 Developer & Cleaner

Flexible Solution for Solvent Development and Cleaning

MA300 Gen2 Mask Aligner

Highly Automated Platform for 300mm and 200mm Wafers

MA200 Gen3 Mask Aligner

Alignment and Exposure for a Multitude of Applications

MA100/150e Gen2 Mask Aligner

Automated Platform for Wafers up to 100mm or 150mm

MA12 Mask Aligner

Semi-automated mask aligner for wafer sizes of up to 12"/300 mm

MA/BA Gen4 Pro Series Mask & Bond Aligner

For Industrial Research and Operator-Assisted Production

MA8 Gen5 Mask Aligner

Compact Aligner Platform for Research and Mid- to Large-Scale Production

MA/BA Gen4 Series Mask and Bond Aligner

Semi-Automated Platform for Wafers up to 8"/200mm

MJB4 Mask Aligner

State-of-the art R&D Solution for Small Substrates and Pieces

DSM8/200 Gen2 Metrology System

Alignment Measurement for Double-sided Substrates

XBS200 Wafer Bonder

Automated Platform for Wafer Sizes up to 200 mm

XBC300 Gen2 Debonder & Cleaner

Automated Platform for Wafer Sizes up to 300 mm

XBS300 Temporary Bonder

Universal Temporary Wafer Bonder for High Volume Manufacturing

XBS300 Hybrid Bonding Platform

Automated Platform for Wafer Sizes up to 300 mm

BA Gen4 Series Bond Aligner

Manual Bond Aligner Wafer Sizes up to 8"/200 mm

BA8 Gen4 Pro Bond Aligner

High Precision Bond Aligner

LD12 Debonder

Semi-Automated Excimer Laser Debonder

SB6/8 Gen2 Wafer Bonder

Semi-automated Tool for Permanent Wafer Bonding of Wafers up to 8"/200 mm

XB8 Wafer Bonder

Universal High-Force Wafer Bonder

MaskTrack Pro Series

Next-Generation Lithography | Clean, Bake and Develop

ASx Series

Photomask Processing Plattform for Advanced Bake, Resist Strip & Clean and Develop

HMx Series

Manual Photomask Equipment with Fully Automated Processing


High-Quality Micro-Optics

Remanufactured Equipment

Pre-owned and Certified