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Advanced research inkjet printer

JETx-M Solder Mask

Inkjet printer for PCB manufacturing


Inkjet printer for mass production

DSC300 Gen3 Projection Scanner
ACS300 Gen3 Coater & Developer

Automated Platform for Wafers of up to 300mm

ACS300 Gen2 Coater & Developer

Automated Platform for Wafers of up to 300mm

ACS200 Gen3 Coater & Developer

Automated Platform for Wafers up to 200mm

AS8 and AS12 Coater

Manual Spray Coater for High Topographies

RCD8 Coater & Developer

Resist Coat and Develop Platform

MCS8 Manual Coating System

Labcluster for laboratories, start-ups and small-scale production

LabSpin Series Spin Coater & Developer

Laboratory Spin Coat and Develop Solution for Wafers up to 150 and 200 mm

HP8 Hot Plate

Hot Plate Designed for R&D, Laboratories and Small Scale Production

AD12 Developer

Flexible Solution for Aqueous Development and Cleaning

SD12 Developer & Cleaner

Flexible Solution for Solvent Development and Cleaning

MA300 Gen2 Mask Aligner

Highly Automated Platform for 300mm and 200mm Wafers

MA200 Gen3 Mask Aligner

Alignment and Exposure for a Multitude of Applications

MA100/150e Gen2 Mask Aligner

Automated Platform for Wafers up to 100mm or 150mm

MA12 Mask Aligner

Semi-automated mask aligner for wafer sizes of up to 12"/300 mm

MA/BA Gen4 Pro Series Mask & Bond Aligner

For Industrial Research and Operator-Assisted Production

MA8 Gen5 Mask Aligner

Compact Aligner Platform for Research and Mid- to Large-Scale Production

MA/BA Gen4 Series Mask and Bond Aligner

Semi-Automated Platform for Wafers up to 8"/200mm

MJB4 Mask Aligner

State-of-the art R&D Solution for Small Substrates and Pieces

DSM8/200 Gen2 Metrology System

Alignment Measurement for Double-sided Substrates

XBS200 Wafer Bonder

Automated Platform for Wafer Sizes up to 200 mm

XBC300 Gen2 Debonder & Cleaner

Automated Platform for Wafer Sizes up to 300 mm

XBS300 Temporary Bonder

Universal Temporary Wafer Bonder for High Volume Manufacturing


通用型 XBS300 平台專為 200mm 和 300mm 對準晶圓的(混合式)融熔接合而設計。

BA Gen4 Series Bond Aligner

Manual Bond Aligner Wafer Sizes up to 8"/200 mm

BA8 Gen4 Pro Bond Aligner

High Precision Bond Aligner

LD12 Debonder

Semi-Automated Excimer Laser Debonder

SB6/8 Gen2 Wafer Bonder

Semi-automated Tool for Permanent Wafer Bonding of Wafers up to 8"/200 mm

XB8 Wafer Bonder

Universal High-Force Wafer Bonder

MaskTrack Pro Series

Next-Generation Lithography | Clean, Bake and Develop

ASx Series

Photomask Processing Plattform for Advanced Bake, Resist Strip & Clean and Develop

HMx Series

Manual Photomask Equipment with Fully Automated Processing


High-Quality Micro-Optics

Remanufactured Equipment

Pre-owned and Certified