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Wafer Scheduling Algorithms –  Decision On The Fly with Dynamic Input Parameters

Spray Coating Negative Tone Resists

Laser Ablation – Emerging Patterning Technology for Advanced Packaging

Simulation for Advanced Mask Aligner Lithography

Advanced Mask Aligner Lithography (AMALITH)

Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography of Functional Materials – Review of a BFS-Project

Reduction of Proximity Induced Corner Artifacts by Simulation Supported Process Optimization

Low-Temperature Wafer Bonding Using Sub-micron Au Particles

Formation of Precise 2D Au Particle Arrays via Thermally Induced Dewetting on Pre-Patterned Substrates

Advanced MEMS Manufacturing Technology

Application of the SUSS Angular Exposure System to Fabricate True-Chip-Size Packages for SAW Devices

New Excimer Laser-Based Dual Damascene Processes for High I/O Applications with Ultra-Fine Line Routing

Wafer-Level Packaging Using High Force Bonding of AlGe

LED Wafer Level Packaging – Motivation, Challenges and Solutions to Meet Future Cost Targets

High Precision Dispense System

Contour Move - Edge Coating and Edge Stripping of Wafer Flats

mr-NIL210FC_XP – A very promising resist for employment of SCIL technology in high volume industrial applications

Excimer Laser Ablation for Microvia and Fine RDL Routings for Advanced Packaging

SUSS Dispense System - Auto Calibration / Self-Learning

Printing sub-micron structures using Talbot mask-aligner lithography with a 193 nm CW laser light source

Creating Planar Embedded RDL Structures Without CMP

Advancements in Pellicle Glue Residue Removal

A Sharp Look Into Resolution

Optical Magnification Correction Applied to Full-Field 1x Projection Lithography for Fan-Out

Laser Pre-Bonding as a Novel Method for Improved Post-Bond Alignment Accuracy in Silicon-to-Silicon Metal Bonding

High Intensity UV-LED Maks Aligner for Applications in Industrial Research

Optimizing Spray Coating Yield and Throughput

UV-LED Lamp House – Light Source of the Future

SUSS MicroTec’s Unique DSC300 Gen2 Platform – Combined Projection Lithography Performance with Advantages of Full-field Exposure.

Ruthenium Capping Layer Preservation for 100X Clean Through pH Driven Effects

Ultra-Small Via-Technology of Thinfilm Polymers Using Advanced Scanning Laser Ablation

Evaluation of a Novel Exposure Concept to Enhance the Capabilities of Mask Aligner Lithography at Large Proximity Gaps

Low-Temperature Hermetic Seal Bonding for Wafer-Level MEMS Packaging Using Submicron Gold Particles with Stencil Printing Patterning

Excimer Laser Ablation – A Novel Patterning Solution for Advanced Packaging

Auto-Alignment Insights – Part 2: Case Studies

Excimer Laser Debonder for 2.5 and 3D Integration 

SUSS Smile Technology – Large Area Imprint.
A Solution for Patterning of Micro and Nano Features

Developments to Improve Process Stability on the New MA200 Gen3

Optimizing Spray Coater Process Parameters

300mm Lithography and Bonding Technologies for TSV applications in Image Sensor and Memory products

Efficient Ozone, Sulfate and Ammonium Free Resist Stripping Process

Excimer Laser Via-Drilling - Options to Further Capabilities of Next Generation Wafer Level Processing Devices

CMOS Compatible Hermetic Wafer Level Packaging For Inertial MEMS

Alignment Accuracy in a MA/BA8 Gen3 Using Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography (SCIL)

3D Topography Mask Aligner Lithography Simulation

Extending the Ruthenium Capping Layer Life Time of Extreme Ultra-Violet Lithography Photomasks in Physical Force Cleaning

Auto-Alignment Insights - Part 1

MPT Coating Service Now Available from Compugraphics Jena GmbH

50 Years of SUSS Mask Aligner

Polyimide based Temporary Wafer Bonding Technology for High Temperature Compliant TSV Backside Processing and Thin Device Handling

Ordered Arrays of Nanoporous Gold Nanoparticles

Temporary Bonding and Debonding - An Overview of Today‘s Materials and Methods