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XB8 Wafer Bonder from SUSS MicroTec

Universal High-Force Wafer Bonder

The XB8 wafer bonder is designed for a wide range of bonding processes and supports substrates with a wafer size of up to 200 mm. All process parameters can be adapted flexibly according to the requirements, which make the system perfect for use in research and development. In production, the high level of automation and the sophisticated design of the XB8 ensure a high level of process stability.

This makes the XB8 Wafer Bonder perfect for applications from the MEMS, advanced packaging, 3D integration and LED fields.

Wafer Bonder XB8

Flexibility in Process Development

The XB8 wafer bonder offers an extremely large parameter window and is therefore suitable for carrying out all standard bonding processes. Bond force options of 60kN and 100kN are available and a temperature range of up to 550° C is covered. An easy-to-use software enables parameters to be set quickly. Ramp functions also enable the process to be adapted optimally to special bonding requirements. Different substrate forms and wafer sizes are processed in specially adapted fixtures. A multi-bond fixture, for example, enables the maximum possible throughput increase by bonding up to eight wafers at once.

The variable usage options of the XB8 wafer bonder make it perfect for process development.

Process Stability Through High Repeat Accuracy

Reproducible process results from wafer to wafer are essential for achieving a consistently high product quality. The XB8 wafer bonder has a closed process chamber with an automatic loading function. During loading, the chamber is flooded with nitrogen to ensure the best possible level of cleanliness. The high level of automation minimizes the influence the operator has on the process results. The thermal decoupling of the heater from the actual bonding chamber enables a process temperature which can be reproduced precisely, combined with an optimal repeat accuracy of the bonding force.

The independence from the operator and the sophisticated design of the XB8 wafer bonder guarantee consistent high process stability and optimal process results.

SUSS Wafer Bonder XB8
SUSS Wafer Bonder XB8

High Yield Due to the Homogeneity of the Temperature and Bonding Force Distribution

In addition to the reproducibility of the bonding process from wafer to wafer, a homogeneous process result across the wafer is essential for achieving a high yield. The thermally decoupled ceramic heaters guarantee an even temperature distribution and also ensure an optimal bonding force homogeneity within the entire temperature range. A SUSS MicroTec unique available multi-zone heating system enables advanced control of the temperature distribution. With the XB8, the bonding force is captured via a construction consisting of three pillars, which is decoupled from the vacuum chamber. There are also bonding force zones for 4-, 6- and 8-inch wafers.

This innovative, mechanical and thermal structure of the XB8 wafer bonder enables optimal bonding force and temperature distribution across the wafer, resulting in a high yield.

Automatic Fixture Loading

The XB8 provides a linear driven load slide for automatic fixture loading

  • Shields the operator from direct contact with the pressure chamber
  • Prevents particles from entering thus facilitating a contamination-free
    process environment

Bond Tooling Options

The XB8 wafer bonder supports a large variety of different bonding processes.

Some interesting facts about the XB8

Maximum Bond Force
Maximum Wafer Size
Chamber Pressure Range
° C
Maximum Temperature

Supported Bonding Technologies

The XB8 wafer bonder supports a large variety of different bonding processes.

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