MA8 Gen5 Mask Aligner

Compact Aligner Platform for Research and Mid- to Large Scale Production

The MA8 Gen5 series represents the latest generation of SUSS MicroTec’s semi-automated mask and bond aligner. The new platform introduces improved imprint processing features for standard, advanced and high-end processes.

The MA8 Gen5 offers an enhanced ergonomic and user-friendly design, cost efficiency and a reduced footprint, and is the perfect tool for use in research and mid- to large-scale production.

SUSS MicroTec’s MA8 Gen5 is setting a new benchmark in full-field lithography for MEMS & NEMS, 3D integration and compound semiconductor markets, especially for a large variety of imprint applications in the field of LED, MEMS/NEMS, micro-optics, augmented reality and opto-electronic sensors using the renowned SMILE technology. It is also able to handle processes such as bond alignment and fusion bonding.


Enhanced SUSS leveling system

One tool covering nano to micro imprinting

Outstanding process results

User friendliness

Low cost of ownership

Small footprint and enhanced ergonomics

Ideal process results through precision

The high degree of automation of the MA8 Gen5 series enables outstanding process results. Functions such as constant dose mode, an automated control unit for exposure time and auto-alignment all help optimize process parameters. Additionally, equipped with the high-grade MO Exposure Optics system, the MA Gen5 provides ideal exposure conditions and thus achieves top-class results. Sophisticated mechanical workings ensure high adjustment precision: the particular design of the top- and bottom-side microscope unit (TSA and BSA) eliminates long travel for the TSA microscope, as well as the disturbing vibrations. It supports several imprint processes for micro- and nanostructures. With only a little adjustment, it allows wafer-to-wafer alignment, as well as easy fusion bonding.

High operating comfort

Functions such as a highly intuitive recipe editor, sophisticated data logging and the ability to assign user rights simplify the user’s work and simultaneously minimize the need for operator intervention. The MA8 Gen5 platform also makes use of high-grade digital microscopes and cameras, which significantly simplify the alignment process thanks to enhanced image quality and an extended field of view on the monitor.

Work safety and environmental protection

The MA8 Gen5 is equipped with an energy-efficient LED light source and sophisticated exposure optics for all lithography processes. In addition, a dedicated UV-LED flood exposure unit is available for imprint applications. The UV-LED light source not only reduces operating and maintenance costs, but improves work safety and environmental protection as well. This eliminates the expensive and hazardous waste disposal of mercury lamps. The machine offers further security features, such as UV radiation protection, safety interlocks and trap protection, thus fulfilling strict safety requirements. Optionally, configuration with a mercury light source is possible as well.


With its compact design, the MA8 Gen5 offers a wide variety of processes despite a reduced footprint, which is a major factor in the attractive cost of ownership, saving costly cleanroom space. Maintenance effort is reduced by the accessibility of the operating elements and exchangeable parts, as well as use of the LED light source and the renowned SUSS MO Exposure Optics. In the event of an error or failure, the machine can be accessed by SUSS service staff remotely, so that the issue can be resolved in a quick and cost-effective manner.

在光刻工艺中,只需对准器件晶圆同侧的结构(例如再布线层、微凸点 等),用顶部对准功能将掩模位置标记对准晶圆位置标记。  根据衬底的特性,这可以用存储的晶圆位置数据或者用两个现场照片 、SUSS MicroTec 开发的DirectAlign™ 直接对准技术实现。 


  • 掩模对准器极高的对准精度
  • 清晰、强大的图像识别功能,即使在对比度不理想的情况下

应用微电子机械系统(MEMS)、圆晶级封装和三维集成的工艺,例如在接板上制造垂直通孔 (TSV),需要与正面结构对准的晶圆背面结构。 此时常使用光学背面对准。 集成摄像机系统采集掩模结构和晶片背面结构并将它们相互对准。 由于晶圆在装载掩模靶后被覆盖,必须预先确定并存储其位置。 这对整个对准系统提出了特殊的要求。


  • SUSS 掩模对准器凭借其极高的机械精度和稳定性带来无与伦比的准确性

多层晶圆堆叠被应用在许多构造工艺中。 用红外照射可以识别并对准通常埋在层之间的对准标记。

红外光还可以根据这些埋入的标记进行对准。  这需要使用能透过红外线的材料,例如硅、III-V族半导体(如砷化镓)以及临时键合和键合分离工艺中所使用的粘着剂  通过个例研究检查可行性。

为了尽可能扩大红外对准的使用范围,SUSS 掩模对准器可以选配强大的红外光源和高性能摄像系统。


  • 强大的红外光源和高性能摄像系统


当对套刻精度有较高要求时,大大提升标准系统的自动对准功能。DirectAlign®,SÜSS MicroTecs 图像识别软件附加功能,放弃图片存储系统中的结构图文件,取而代之的是访问实况图。结构识别基于工业标准 PatMax 且取得了优异成绩。因此,在 SUSS 掩模对准器上用 Direct Align® 进行顶面对准时对准精度可达到 0.5 微米。

将一个已形成结构的掩模与圆晶对齐,然后将掩模与圆晶的距离缩得非常小(因此又叫“接近式光刻”)。 在曝光过程中,掩模结构的影子被转移到圆晶上。 掩模于圆晶之间距离的精度以及曝光镜头系统的质量,一起决定了曝光结果的质量。

该方法因为速度快,应用灵活,从而成为微结构生产最具成本效益的方法,它能生产出最小3微米的微结构。 接触式曝光能达到亚微米级别的分辨率。 典型的应用范围包括圆晶级芯片尺寸封装、倒装芯片封装、凸点、微电子机械系统(MEMS)、LED和电力设备等领域。 这些系统被应用到了大规模生产的以及工业研究领域中。

SUSS MicroTec 公司的掩模对准器以阴影工艺为基础。


  • 因为镜头系统衍射减少,从而得到更突出的分辨率。
  • 使用了微镜片镜头系统,所以工艺稳定

The lower the exposure gap from mask to wafer, the higher the resolution. In soft contact mode, the wafer is brought into contact with the mask and is fixed onto the chuck with vacuum.

In hard contact mode, the wafer is brought into direct contact with the mask, while positive nitrogen pressure is used to press the substrate against the mask. A resolution in the 1 micron range is possible in hard contact mode.

In this mode, a vacuum is drawn between mask and substrate during exposure. This results in a high resolution of < 0.8 µm.

Diffraction-reducing exposure optics are designed to compensate for diffraction effects in both contact and proximity lithography. Instead of using a plane wave as in other proximity lithography tools, it provides an angular spectrum of planar light waves to reduce diffraction effects. The selection of a proper angular spectrum improves structure resolution in the resist.


The MA8 Gen5 mask aligner is equipped with the SUSS Leveling System that allows reaching the parallelism between substrate and mask with a micrometric precision.



Auto-alignment is based on a motorized alignment stage. The COGNEX® based pattern recognition software automatically recognizes wafer target locations and controls the movement of the alignment stage. Coupled with SUSS MicroTec‘s DirectAlign®, accuracy to 0.25 μm (0.5 µm for production tools) can be achieved. Auto-alignment enables highest repeatability of process results coupled with optimized throughput and minimum operator intervention.


SUSS MicroTec 的全新光源方案尤以高效而出类拔萃:紫外 LED 光源的使用寿命较传统水银蒸汽灯高出好几倍。除此之外也不再需要预热和冷却阶段,因为 LED 在曝光时才会接通。相比而言,这些因素为能耗的大幅降低做出了明显贡献。同时也不再需要花费高昂的费用处理水银蒸汽灯的特殊垃圾。SUSS LED 光源搭载最新技术,从而能满足环境兼容性和能效方面不断提高的要求。 


使用 LED 光源可显著降低光刻机的运行成本。LED 比传统灯的使用寿命多出几倍,从而降低了目前因换灯产生的费用。于是,停工、采购新光源、调准或者旧材料的处理便统统成为过去。


与传统水银蒸汽灯相比,LED 光源不仅能效更高,而且使用起来灵活得多。一般来说,采用紫外 LED 光源能够覆盖水银蒸汽灯的光谱范围。区别在于,紫外 LED 光源能够接通和断开特定的波长。这样就不必进行光源之外的滤光。波长的控制通过编程方案实现,与无需更换滤光镜或重新校准的特殊工艺要求相匹配。 
与 SUSS MicroTecs 的专用曝光系统 MO Exposure Optics 相结合,LED 光源能在工艺设计中实现最大的灵活性。 


LED 光源不仅安全,而且环保,在健康保护、劳动保护和环境保护方面所呈现的解决方案有着明显的优势。 


  • 能源消耗更少
  • 使用寿命更长
  • 无需停工,换灯无需重新调校
  • 无需处理特殊垃圾
  • 复杂度降低,保养花费少

Available for:

Automated Mask Aligner

Semi-Automated Mask Aligner


模拟光刻工艺无需反复试验就可优化调整工艺参数。SÜSS MicroTec 公司与生产商 GenISys 销售的“实验室”光刻工艺多功能模拟软件为用户带来更强大的工艺控制。它提供集成设计和工艺开发所有必要的模拟功能,以及验证和优化功能。包括从曝光调整和掩模结构改进到光刻胶处理的所有工艺步骤。此外,先进的3D模拟功能进一步优化模块的演示效果。

MO Exposure Optics 结合专为 SÜSS 光学系统打造的实验室镜头模块,使实验室能够根据客户定向优化曝光滤板设计,从而改进结构精度。


  • 完整模拟掩模对准器的光刻过程
  • 可调节曝光参数(准直、光谱成分),特别是预先定义所有 SÜSS 光学系统
  • 快速灵活演示以及1 维 、2 维和 3 维定量分析

Available for:

Automated Mask Aligner

Semi-Automated Mask Aligner

Manual Mask Aligner


通过综合优化在投影式光刻技术里用到的掩模板的设计和光源照明( 掩模优化) 减少衍射引起的结构错误。根据客户要求调综合整曝光滤板和掩模结构(OPC=光学近场校正)显著提升光刻工艺的功能性。


光源掩模优化与 MO Exposure Optics® 特殊镜头一起为提高掩模对准光刻中的工艺稳定性作出重要贡献。


  • 通过 MO Exposure Optics 稳定光源
  • 通过可更换的曝光滤板优化光源
  • 通过光学邻近校正 (OPC) 优化掩模

Available for:

Automated Mask Aligner

Semi-Automated Mask Aligner



压印光刻能够与传统的半导体生产工艺兼容,在 DFB 激光器,高亮度 LED,晶圆级相机和微机电系统等组件的开发和生产中起到了非常关键的作用。

苏斯公司(SÜSS MicroTec)基于手动光刻机所开发的压印光刻解决方案,能够处理各种材料及最大 200 mm 的基板。如果要求多道压印工序并行,则能够将基板和压模精确对准。压印装置可便捷地加装在 SÜSS 光刻机上。


在微米级和纳米压印领域,苏斯公司拥有独特的 SMILE(苏斯压印光刻设备)技术。
无论是微结构还是纳米结构,这种工艺都能够达到精确成像,应用非常广泛,工艺灵活性非常高。例如,SMILE 可用于生产微机电系统、光学镜片等。 


  • 精确控制胶层的厚度和均匀性
  • 可双面复形
  • 高校准精度(+/- 1 微米)
  • 可用于光学镜片晶圆的堆叠和紫外光键合
  • 从边缘抓取或者使用缓冲晶圆,避免接触到活性表面
  • 可抓取弯曲晶圆

Available for:

Semi-Automated Mask Aligner

Stamps for Nano- and Micro-Imprint Processes

SUSS MicroTec’s UV-SFT8 stamp fabrication tool represents a table-top solution for manufacturing high-quality composite working stamps for imprinting, accompanied by a UV-LED unit. The stamps are used for a wide variety of imprint applications in the field of LED, MEMS/NEMS, micro-optics, augmented reality and opto-electronic sensors.

The traditional method of stamp production is based on thermal curing. This method can require curing times of up to several hours. In order to accelerate the production process and increase throughput, new stamping materials have been developed which can be cured using UV light. With this new procedure, it is possible to reduce the manufacturing time of the stamps to only a few minutes.

With its high UV-light uniformity of ± 2.5 %, the system yields homogeneously cured stamps, and in turn high structure fidelity. The tool offers great flexibility due to its compatibility with a wide variety of UV curable stamp materials, which allows integration into various applications from R&D to HVM.

An optional system for puddle dispense is available for the radially symmetrical propagation of the stamp material. In addition, the dispensing system allows the application of a controllable amount, saving material and reducing waste. The tool is field upgradable from conventional thermal systems to UV-LED.


  • Reduction in curing time
  • Usage of proven UV-LED exposure technique
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of UV curable stamp materials
  • Field upgradable from traditional thermal systems to UV-LED
  • Optional system for puddle dispense

Available for:

Semi-Automated Mask Aligner

Data Sheet


Available for:

Semi-Automated Mask Aligner


Available for:

Semi-Automated Mask Aligner

热键合是指两个平面基板自发粘合。 该工艺包括冲洗抛光盘,使其具备高度亲水性,然后使其相互接触并在高温下回火。 等离子体预处理工艺可使基板在室温条件下键合。

Available for:

Automated Bonder

Semi-Automated Bonder

Semi-Automated Bond Aligner

Semi-Automated Mask and Bond Aligner

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