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SUSS Report

We are happy to share with you the latest issue of our customer magazine „SUSS report“.

Our customer magazine SUSS report provides you with an insider update on innovations and trends in equipment solutions for the semiconductor and related industries. You will find exciting technical publications as well as practice-oriented reports and personal notes by experts of the industry.
Have a look in our latest SUSS report issue as well as in our archive. The articles are also available as technical publications.

Issue 2017:

The 2017 annual edition is also available as hardcopy. 

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Articles Overview of the SUSS report issue 2017:

Optical Magnification Correction Applied to Full-Field 1x Projection Lithography for Fan-Out

This paper describes a new Optical Magnification-Correction and Beam-Steering technology to improve full-field lithography overlay for fan-out wafers by actively mitigating magnification (mag) errors – wafer to wafer.

Laser Pre-Bonding as a Novel Method for Improved Post-Bond Alignment Accuracy in Silicon-to-Silicon Metal Bonding

In order to achieve excellent post-bond alignment accuracy in metal bonding, we have developed a novel and innovative method, or silicon-to-silicon laser pre-bonding by locking the alignment between the wafers prior to transferring them into the bond chamber.

High Intensity UV-LED Mask Aligner for Applications in Industrial Research

In this paper we show first results on a semi-automatic mask aligner with UV-LED illumination, SUSS MA/BA8 Gen4 Pro equipped with a UV-LED lamp house and MO Exposure Optics. The tool offers a customer-controllable spectrum with three wavelengths corresponding to the mercury i, g and h-line.

mr-NIL210FC_XP – A Very Promising Resist for Employment of SCIL Technology in High Volume Industrial Applications

In this work, the performance of the recently developed imprint resist mr-NIL210FC_XP for UV-enhanced substrate conformal imprint lithography (UV-SCIL) from SUSS is evaluated. One major benefit of the material is a strongly reduced diffusion behavior of mr-NIL210FC_XP into the PDMS-based SCIL stamps compared to other organic resists