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正確なアライメントを特徴とし、高精度の露光光学系を備えたSUSS MicroTecのプロキシミティ露光装置の製品 ラインナップは、 ユニークなプロジェクション露光方式で補完されています。 フルフィールドリソグラフィのメリットと投影リソグラフィのパフォーマンスを併せ持つプロジェクションスキャナ・プラットフォーム「DSC」は、投影ステッパの代わりとなる、コスト効率に優れた製品です。フルフィールドマスクとブロードバンド投影光学系が装備されているこのプラットフォームでは、1回の連続スキャンモードで基板の露光を行います。 主な使用範囲はアドバンスド・パッケージング分野のアプリケーションですが、特にウエハレベル・チップスケールパッケージ、フリップチップパッケージ、3次元積層、MEMS、ディスプレイに適しています。


Automated Projection Scanner

DSC300 Gen2 Projection Scanner

High Performance Projection Scanner for 300 mm Wafers


Semi-Automated Projection Scanner

DSC500 Projection Scanner

For Rigid & Flexible Displays, Advanced Substrates and 450 mm Wafers




Projection exposure entails aligning the mask with the wafer. The mask pattern is subsequently projected onto the wafer by means of an optical system between the mask and the wafer. With this process, usually only a portion of the wafer is exposed. By repeating the process incrementally ("step and repeat") or through a continuous process ("scanning"), the wafer is completely exposed. The type and the characteristics of the projection optics are decisive factors for resolution and depth of focus and thus for the effectiveness of the exposure.

The projection scanner technology offered by SUSS MicroTec utilizes the combined advantages of full-field exposure and conventional projection lithography, and serves as an alternative to mask aligners and conventional projection steppers. Projection scanning involves aligning a full-field mask with the substrate and then projecting the mask pattern onto the substrate by means of scanning. Scanning technology achieves greater throughput than stepper processes, while at the same time reducing system costs and achieving resolutions down to 3 µm.

Projection scanning offers the greatest advantage in processes requiring high resolutions or where high topography and thick resist coatings are involved. 

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective projection solution offering superior resolution down to 3 µm
  • Steep resist sidewalls in thick resist processes

Available for:

Automated Projection Scanner

Semiautomated Projection Scanner

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