AS8 and AS12 Coater

Manual Spray Coater for High Topographies

SUSS MicroTec AS8/AS12 is the ideal tool for R&D and low-volume fabrication. Substrates up to 200 mm or 300 mm in diameter and square substrates up to 6" edge length can be processed. The system can be equipped with up to two separate spray dispense systems. The sophisticated resist supply system offers unmatched process stability and reproducibility. All spray and cleaning parameters can be programmed in the recipe.

The manual product line of SUSS MicroTec coaters offers easy recipe transfer to automated platforms.


Enabling technology for patterning across severe topography

Conformal coating with top edge coverage while avoiding resists accumulation in trenches

Proprietary spray design for optimal process stability and reproducibility

Substrate sizes up to 200mm in diameter and square substrates up to 6" edge length

Up to 2 separate spray dispense systems to avoid cross contamination

Touch screen with MMC controller software

All process parameters are programmable in the recipe

Details: Coating

Spray coating involves spray application of the solution to the wafer through a nozzle. The path traveled by the nozzle over the wafer is optimized to ensure that the coating is applied evenly to the substrate. The solutions used in spray coating usually feature a very low viscosity, which guarantees that fine droplets form.

Spray coating ensures a uniform layer even with high topography substrates, making it the preferred technique for structures of this kind. Even square substrates can be easily coated using the spray technique.

Features and Benefits

  • Uniform coating even of highly structured surfaces

Available for:

Automated Coater and Developer

Semi-Automated Coater

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Optimizing Spray Coating Yield and Throughput

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