DSC300 Gen2 Projection Scanner

最先端の投影リソグラフィ技術を採用したプロジェクションスキャナDSC300 Gen2 では、300mmまでのウエハを処理できます。この装置は、ウエハレベル・パッケージング、3次元パッケージング、バンプアプリケーションの用途に対応し、CUピラーバンプやウエハレベル・チップスケール・パッケージなどの最新パッケージングの分野で理想的なソリューションを提供します。

最新の投影スキャン技術を取り入れたこの装置は、高性能の光学系、正確なアライメント、高度な自動化を特徴とし、ウエハ内の優れた寸法均一性 (+/- 3%) も確保します。

SUSS MicroTecはプロジェクションスキャナDSC300 Gen2によってマスクアライナのラインナップを補完するだけでなく、従来の投影ステッパリソグラフィに代わる低コスト (CoO) の製品を提供します。


ブロードバンド:1:1投影レンズ(Wynn Dyson)



解像度: 3µm以下

位置合わせ精度: 1µm以下

SUSS MicroTec Projection Scanner DSC300 Gen2

Projection exposure entails aligning the mask with the wafer. The mask pattern is subsequently projected onto the wafer by means of an optical system between the mask and the wafer. With this process, usually only a portion of the wafer is exposed. By repeating the process incrementally ("step and repeat") or through a continuous process ("scanning"), the wafer is completely exposed. The type and the characteristics of the projection optics are decisive factors for resolution and depth of focus and thus for the effectiveness of the exposure.

The projection scanner technology offered by SUSS MicroTec utilizes the combined advantages of full-field exposure and conventional projection lithography, and serves as an alternative to mask aligners and conventional projection steppers. Projection scanning involves aligning a full-field mask with the substrate and then projecting the mask pattern onto the substrate by means of scanning. Scanning technology achieves greater throughput than stepper processes, while at the same time reducing system costs and achieving resolutions down to 3 µm.

Projection scanning offers the greatest advantage in processes requiring high resolutions or where high topography and thick resist coatings are involved. 

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective projection solution offering superior resolution down to 3 µm
  • Steep resist sidewalls in thick resist processes

Available for:

Automated Projection Scanner

Semiautomated Projection Scanner

Superior Optics Design

The optical and mechanical design of the projection optics ensures a large depth of focus for applications both with thin and thick resist coatings and for substrates with varying topography. Optimized image focusing provides enhanced resolution and improved control of resist sidewall angles.

Excellent Alignment Precision

On-axis alignment mode utilizing through-the-lens alignment (TTL) of the mask to the wafer ensures alignment precision levels of less than 1 micron.  The off-axis mode allows processing of opaque masks without large clear areas to be aligned very precisely. The alignment is supported by state-of-the-art pattern recognition technology.

High Degree of Automation

  • SECS/GEM control interface via TCP/IP
  • Robot wafer loading and unloading
  • Mask handling and library storage with capacity for 15 masks (14”/9”)
  • Automatic wavelength filter and attenuator exchange controlled via recipe
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SUSS MicroTec’s Unique DSC300 Gen2 Platform – Combined Projection Lithography Performance with Advantages of Full-field Exposure.

SUSS MicroTec’s Unique DSC300 Gen2 Platform – Combined Projection Lithography Performance with Advantages of Full-field Exposure.

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