LabSpin Series Spin Coater & Developer

實驗室塗佈及顯影解決方案,適用於尺寸在150 及 200mm之晶圓

SUSS MicroTec的 LabSpin 平台為次世代的手動光阻塗佈機/顯影系統,是專為實驗室及研發人員而開發。LabSpin 系統是為各種微影化學藥劑而設計,可透過先進的Cup設計,完成均勻、精確、重覆性高的塗佈結果。


Large process variety including spin coating and puddle developing

Edge bead removal

Dispense positioning is flexibly adjustable

LabSpin 系統共有兩款,分別為桌上 (TT) 型或整合入濕式工作臺 (BM)的版本,皆適用於尺寸在150 或 200mm 之晶圓。LabSpin 光阻塗佈機可處理各式各樣的基材,從尺寸在 150/200mm 以下的晶圓或100x100mm 或 150x150mm 的方形晶片,且由於體積尺寸小,因此僅需要使用最小的空間。

亦可選購各種專為符合任何應用需求而設計的 LabSpin 選配。LabSpin 系統除了提供旋轉式光阻塗佈外,亦可另外選購注射器或自動配料系統、邊緣塗佈、去除邊緣球狀物或浸潤式顯影。

詳情: Coating & Developing

Spin-Coaten is an established and proven coating method for excellent results. Spin coating is the process of evenly coating a spinning substrate with a solution. The solution, for instance a photosensitive resist, is dispensed at the center of the wafer. Subsequent acceleration as well as the rotation speed and the time allotted to the individual steps ensure that a homogeneous layer thickness remains after excess resist is spun off. Alongside the process parameters, the physical properties of the solution or photoresist determine the thickness of the applied film.

Available for:

Automated Coater and Developer

Semi-Automated Coater and Developer

Puddle developing involves dispensing a defined quantity of developer to the exposed substrate, gently spinning it to spread the developer. Due to the surface tension of the developing agent, a convex puddle is formed on the wafer. Once developing time is completed, the wafer is rotated quickly to spin off the developer agent. The wafer is subsequently rinsed with deionized water and dried, once again at a high rotation speed. The main advantage of the technique is that only very little developing agent is required while maintaining excellent process results.

Puddle developing is no longer feasible when the developing agent becomes saturated, for example when a large quantity of photoresist needs to be removed or a high structural topography prevents exchange of the developer. In such cases, a multi-stage puddle developing process or spray developing is used.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimal chemical consumption

Available for:

Automated Coater and Developer

Semi-Automated Coater and Developer

LabSpin Configurator

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Beside some overall requirements all labs have different needs which arise from their specialized topics. This is why SUSS MicroTecs LabSpin tools are well designed and rock solid built basic coaters but can be equipped with various carefully selected options.

This configurator will guide you in a few easy steps to your perfect new lab tool.

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