XBC300 Gen2 Debonder & Cleaner


去键合和清洁平台 XBC300 2代专为加工 200 和 300 mm 晶圆以及超大载体而设计。智能过程控制还能够处理装在薄膜上、厚度 50 µm 甚至更低的减薄晶圆。根据您选择的先进工艺技术,如机械剥离和准分子激光去键合工艺以及减薄晶圆和载体晶片的清洗程序,XBC300 2代为2.5D和3D应用提供全面的解决方案。






SUSS MicroTec Wafer Bonder XBC300 Gen2

XBC300 2代提供一系列专为去键合和清洗应用而设计的特殊模块选择。通过机械剥离和准分子激光工艺在部件晶圆上以最小力控制载体从部件晶圆上剥离。机械去键合过程兼容所有常见的机械去键合粘合剂和剥离层。激光去键合过程基于UV激光技术和透光性载体材料,如玻璃或蓝宝石。XC300 2代提供载体晶片及带装减薄晶圆清洁模式。在后者中,载体膜会受到特别保护。

XBC300 2代的配置可以灵活变换,因此可以用于小批量工艺开发以及大批量制造。模块化集群设计与码头和锁™技术使现场能够轻松扩充工艺模块,用以扩展设备功能或提高产量。XBC300 2代 不仅总体工艺成本(总体拥有成本)低,而且拥有高度自动化的工艺灵活性。

XBC300 2代是 SUSS MicroTec 临时晶圆键合平台 XBS300 的配套设备。设备为部件晶圆进行减薄准备,然后将它们键合到载体晶片上加工晶圆背面。


  • 200 and 300 mm tape mounted wafers and carrier wafers
  • Tape mounted device wafer as thin as 50 µm or even below
  • Oversized carriers with 201 or 301 mm in diameter
  • Various carrier materials
  • Excimer laser assisted debonding
  • Mechanical peel-off
  • Cleaning of tape mounted thin wafers with tape protection
  • Puddle, spray or high-pressure dispense technologies
  • Cleaning of carrier wafer with integrated backside rinse
  • Puddle, spray or high-pressure dispense technologies
  • Media temperature control

Mechanical peel-off debonding

The DB300T module is compatible with the largest choice of adhesives and release layers for mechanical debonding and different carrier materials, including glass and silicon. The propagation of the debond front is well controlled throughout the entire debond process so that the mechanical stress on the device wafer is kept to a minimum.

Available for:

Automated Debonder

Excimer laser-assisted debonding

The ELD300 module uses Excimer laser technology to separate a glass carrier from the device wafer. A pulsed, high energy laser breaks the chemical bonds of a UV light-absorbing adhesive or release layer close to the carrier interface so that the carrier can be lifted-off with close to zero mechanical separation force.

Available for:

Automated Debonder

Thin wafer cleaning

The AR300TF cleaner module allows wet-chemical removal of adhesive or release layer residues from a thinned wafer that is mounted on tape. The module offers separate dispense arms for cleaning and rinse chemistry and offers a number of dispense options such as puddle, spray or high-pressure as well as N2 drying. A protective ring covers the tape and frame throughout the entire cleaning process.

Available for:

Automated Debonder

Carrier cleaning

The AR300 module allows puddle, spray or high-pressure cleaning of full thickness wafers as well as support carriers and offers separate dispense arms for cleaning and rinse chemistry. For cleaning of the backside of the carrier it features an integrated backside rinse.

Available for:

Automated Debonder

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