XBS300 Temporary Bonder

Universal Temporary Wafer Bonder for High Volume Manufacturing

SUSS MicroTec‘s XBS300 platform for temporary bonding represents the next generation of high volume manufacturing temporary bonder solutions. The 200/300mm wafer bonding platform can be configured for low cost of ownership and maximum process flexibility.


Compatible with Silicon or Glass Carriers

Notch and Center Alignment for Same or Different Size Carriers

Best in Class TTV with SUSS MicroTec Patented GYRSET®

Built in Metrology for Non-Contact, Multi-Point Thickness Control

Modular Design for Scalable Throughput and Minimized Footprint

Open Platform Supporting Various Bonding Materials

SUSS MicroTec Wafer Bonder XBS300

The XBS300 supports all key process steps for temporary bonding: release layer formation, adhesive coating, low force wafer bonding, UV curing or thermal curing and cooling. Thanks to its flexible configuration the XBS300 is able to process all commercially available temporary bonding adhesives(1).

(1) The DuPont HD3007 Process is qualified on the XBC300 equipment platform

  • 200 and 300 mm wafers
  • Oversized carriers with 201 or 301 mm in diameter
  • Various carrier materials
Supported Bonding Technologies

為了達成低風險的 薄晶圓處理 ,晶圓於薄化之前會放置於一個承載晶圓上。這個結合是為了後續的處理步驟 - 接合程序應在晶圓薄化處理完成後接著完成。


  • 塗佈釋放層 (塗佈 或 電漿活化)
  • 塗佈接著劑
  • 接合
  • 熱固化或 UV 硬化

開放的 SÜSS MicroTec 平臺可與現行所有通用暫時性接合的材料技術結合。除了現今已用於生產製程的方法外,SÜSS MicroTec 持續不斷取得更多材料的認證,並提供市面上最多元的接著劑選擇。


  • 開放、可靈活配置的接合技術平臺,可使用市面上所有接著劑以及加工方法。
  • 僅一機台即可完成塗佈接著層和釋放層,以及暫時性接合的動作
  • 內建晶圓厚度以及TTV量測度量衡

Available for:

Automated Temporary Bonder

Semi-Automated Bonder

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