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ASx Series

SUSS MicroTecs ASx 系列为加工光掩模和 250 nm 至 90 nm 技术节点提供了先进的烘烤、显影和清洁方法。其可靠性、稳定性和高性能使平台能够满足无损加工光掩模的要求,用于 248 nm 和 193 nm 光刻工艺。



占地面积小(1200 x 1200 mm),低总体拥有成本


More than 250 ASx Sold

State of the Art Advanced Bake - Qualified up to Current Technology Node

Advanced Single Substrate Cleaner ASC 5500

The ASX ensures 100% soft defect removal, careful PSM cleaning and minimal residual ions during critical cleaning stages:

  • Resist strip and pre-clean
  • Final clean
  • Pellicle adhesive cleaning
  • Backside cleaning of pellicallized masks

Multiple Technologies

  • Dual megasonic cleaning
  • In-situ SC1, in-Situ SPM, 172nm UV dry cleaning, ultra-clean hot DI rinse
  • ESD-safe cleaning
  • Binary and phase shift masks
  • Photomasks and other square substrates up to 9”
  • Round substrates (wafers or imprint masks) up to 300mm

Product Highlights

  • Minimal phase and transmission change
  • Low residual ion concentrations avoiding haze
  • Monitoring PoU media parameters
  • Fully automated, including SMIF load / unload

In Line with the Industry

  • SEMI S2, S8, S13 compliant
  • CE marked
  • Conform to European harmonized standards and machine directive 2006/42/EC, EMC directive 2004/108/EC and low voltage directive 2006/95/EC
  • DIN ISO 14.644 class 3 controlled environment
  • Ready for factory automation via SECS/GEM 200 mm standard interface
Post Exposure Bake (APB)

Superior Performance

  • 25-zone controlled precision hotplate
  • Combined hotplate - cool plate stack
  • Storage for temperature sensor masks in each stack
  • Bake self-optimization SW procedure
  • CD uniformity optimization by profile bake
  • Mirror bake functionality
  • Cluster with E-Beam Writing System possible
  • Cluster with Developer (ASP) possible
Strip & Clean (ASC)

Physical- and chemical-based Cleaning

  • Final cleaning of binary and phase shift masks (Embedded Att. and Alternating PSM)
  • Resist strip and preclean
  • Pellicle adhesive cleaning
  • Backside cleaning of pelliclized masks 
  • 172nm UV dry cleaning with multiple gas injection
  • Precise in-situ generated sulphuric acid / peroxide mixture (SPM) for highest activity
  • High pressure Fulljet nozzle
  • Megasonic nozzles with 1 and 3 MHz for smallest particle sizes down to < 0.1µm
  • Brush unit
  • Backside rinse nozzles
  • Ultra-dilute SC1 cleaning for high-efficient and smooth PSM cleaning  
  • Stepper motor driven nozzle movements
  • Precise temperature control of media and DI water
  • Re-ionization of DI water by CO2 or NH4OH
  • Electronic flowmeters
Develop (ASP)
  • Lowest impact developing by A+ Nozzle with continuous media distribution over the whole mask
  • Micro-bubble free dispense systems for lowest defect counts
  • Clustered equipment with APB for PEB
  • Tight Amine (1ppb) and Temperature / Humidity control (0.05°C / 0.5%RH)
  • Fully automated including SMIF load / unload
  • Enhanced process control and monitoring features
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