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我們的工程師精心設計出可供長期使用的晶圓製程設備,正常使用壽命為十五年或以上 — 這證明投資於我們的設備會帶來極佳的回報。多年來,SUSS Micro Tec所製造的設備已證明在品質、可靠性及耐用性方面的價值。事實上,Karl Süss公司(1999年在首次公開募股後更名為SUSS Micro Tec)所製造的機台直至今日仍在全球半導體行業中倍受讚譽。
SUSS Micro Tec Reman致力於滿足二手機台翻新方面日益增長的需求。若客戶希望透過增加與現行系統相匹配的早期設備來擴大生產能力,可選擇SUSS Micro Tec Remanufactured品牌的系統,以此保證現有製程的可靠轉換,。


二手機台在翻新時通常僅使用一部份原裝零件,但我們的翻新服務提供一項獨特的保證:專門使用廠商指定的原裝零件。此外,二手機台需全面檢修以達到其原始狀態。這使SUSS MicroTec有別於半導體製造業二手機台市場中的其他諸多公司。


SUSS MicroTec所提供的每一台翻新機台都符合我們超高的品質及精密標準。每一系統均按照原始技術規範和性能資料進行配置。 









我們SUSS MicroTec的完整產品線可為半導體製程及微光學元件提供翻新的設備。這包括目前可使用設備以及長期為客戶提供多年可靠服務並已獲翻新和認證的機台。您可在本頁面下方查看此類機台。 




Equipment that has been professionally remanufactured by our engineers conforms with the same quality standards as applied to the original machine. Our OEM certificate of authenticity guarantees it.

It is a priority concern for us that your remanufactured equipment is safe. Every remanufacturing process always includes a complete inspection of all safety issues as well as an acceptance test. It goes without saying that all approved equipment conforms with currently applicable safety requirements.

Each piece of remanufactured equipment is supplied with a complete set of original technical documents. This includes a User Manual, Service Manual, Safety Instructions as well as a CD-ROM with diagrams of electronic and pneumatic systems.

At the customer’s request, we add features to enhance performance, making the remanufactured equipment for wafer processing compatible with the most advanced technical requirements. Such features include software updates or our newest optics designs (e.g. MO Exposure Optics). 

Save time and money. At the customer’s request we modify the system to be compatible with the customer's system environment. This minimizes spare part inventory and time for the process integration of the additional system and eliminates any need for operator training.

Trained, qualified staff is at your service for inspections, maintenance and repairs of remanufactured equipment. A team of highly qualified service engineers is on duty all over the globe. The services we provide for SUSS MicroTec remanufactured equipment are exactly the same as for new machines.

  • Technical advice and spare part identification on the phone
  • On site service and technical support
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Complete Documentation 

For your remanufactured equipment, we offer original spare parts by SUSS MicroTec or OEM parts. All materials used conform to quality standards and meet the most stringent requirements.

Selling used equipment is a simple way of making room for a new machine or of meeting short-term liquidity needs. Finding a buyer is often a tedious task that we are happy to relieve you of: simply offer your used SUSS machine to us. We provide a professional estimate of equipment value and pay you a competitive market price.

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