AD12 Developer

12" Spray Develop System







SUSS MicroTec Coater AD12

Superior Flexibility

The AD12 demonstrates its versatility by being able to handle many different kinds of substrates using optimized chucks. Even fragile substrates (e.g. InP, GaAs) can be securely processed. Special tooling and an extensive range of easily adjustable process parameters make the AD12 suitable for many process applications involving aqueous media. With the ability to program parameters such as step time, spin speed, acceleration and deceleration, dispense arm position and swivel movement the system allows for an optimized process flow resulting in reproducible and stable process results. Equipped with SUSS MicroTec’s sophisticated dispense technologies the AD12 efficiently supports development and cleaning.

Sophisticated Dispense Technologies

The AD12 offers a broad range of dispense technologies for different process needs. A wide range of processes can be run: from a simple puddle or spray development to lift-off that requires, besides puddle dispense for soaking and final rinse, a high-pressure to lift off the resist and the metal. All of the above mentioned dispense technologies can be configured at the dispense arm of AD12.

Intelligent Solvent Based Media System

The AD12 is tailored for the special needs of handling aqueous media. All parts coming into contact with process chemicals are made of unsusceptible materials. The drain can be connected to the house drain or to waste canisters.

Media are safely stored in a media storage equipped with exhaust connection and secured by leakage detector. Flow control systems and pressure regulators manage the media. Optionally, the media temperature can be controlled to secure optimal process results. A recirculation system for the media can be installed in order to reduce overall media consumption.

Easy and Safe Operation

The AD12 is easy to operate and maintain. Process parameters and media data can be recalled at the push of a button. Programmable recipes accelerate workflow and facilitate repeatability. All parts are easily accessible for convenient operation and maintenance of the tool. Moreover, the tool was designed with a primary focus on operator safety. A sealed process chamber with an automatic safety glass door ensures an enclosed process environment and facilitates monitoring of the process. Interlock sensors guarantee the safe operation of the tool.

  • Aqueous developing
  • Cleaning
  • Fan spray
  • Puddle
  • High-pressure
  • Binary
  • Mega-sonic transducer
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