Contour Move - Edge Coating and Edge Stripping of Wafer Flats

Common issues when processing 150 mm and smaller wafer sizes for the semiconductor and especially MEMS market are arising from the wafer flat(s). Today’s demand for maximizing the used area on a wafer requires a technique to perform an edge bead removal (EBR) not only at the round areas of a wafer but also on the wafer flat. In MEMS processes often a technology is required to protect the wafer edge against etching agents – this is where edge coating comes into play, that also needs to be applied not only at the round areas on the wafer, but also on the straight edge of the wafer flat. SUSS MicroTec’s “Contour Move” option addresses these challenges and has gained considerable demand in the MEMS and optical components market. Its potential is growing as it offers a solution to many fabrication problems.