HP8 Hot Plate

Dedicated Solution Designed for R&D, Laboratories and Small Scale Production

SUSS MicroTec's manual hot plate HP8 has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of R&D work and small scale production. The 200 mm hot plate (HP8) offers homogeneous temperature distribution as well as heating ramps with high repeating accuracy to ensure constant and stable process results.


  • Up to 200 mm substrates round or 6" square
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Fast heating
  • High-performance protection coating of hot plate surface
  • Easy to use graphical touch screen interface
  • Programmable heating ramp (with dedicated touch panel controller)

To aim for best in class temperature distribution SUSS HP8 doesn’t rely on conventional heating cartridges. Instead, several meters of heating coils are arranged within the base plate in a process proven pattern. This avoids hot or cool spots and ensures a uniform temperature distribution. The hot plate is specifically coated for increased mechanical and chemical resistance and easy cleaning.

The tool is offered in three different housings (bench mount, table top and stand alone) and can be conveniently controlled through a dedicated touch screen controller. If combined with the coat and develop platform RCD8, the HP8 can be optionally controlled using the same touch screen PC as the RCD8. The table top and bench mount version fits the SUSS MicroTec LabSpin series nicely as well in size and look & feel.
Not only the form factor and control possibilities offer high flexibility, but the variety of available options such as lift pins, proximity bake and nitrogen purge perfectly adapt to the daily lab needs.

The hot plate is equipped with lift pins as a standard, which permits convenient and safe substrate handling. The proximity option allows setting of the distance between substrate and hot plate surface by a micrometer, thus, giving a broad capability of processing options. The flow rate of the nitrogen purge option can be manually adjusted and is indicated by a digital display. Nitrogen purge and vacuum suction of the substrate can be individually selected for each step in the recipe editor. The closed double walled lid, ensures stable process conditions and prevents accidental touching of the hot surface by the operator.