BA Gen4 Series Bond Aligner

Precise alignment for all bond processes

The bond aligner BA Gen4 is designed for manual alignment and subsequent bonding of substrates up to 200 mm in size. Further functionality becomes available after the optional addition of mask aligner tooling. The BA Gen4 series is utilized in advanced packaging, MEMS production and whenever sub-micron precise alignment and high precision repeatability are required.


  • Excellent alignment accuracy
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy system expansion

The alignment process from wafer to wafer on the BA Gen4 Series is based on the same high-performance technology which has proven itself in the SUSS MicroTec mask aligners for aligning masks to wafers. With fusion bonding of silicon substrates the BA Gen4 series offers additional functionality. Available for further bonding operations: the SUSS MicroTec manual bonder SB6/8 Gen2. A special BA Gen4 fixture system ensures reliable transport of the wafer package.

The manual operation of the BA Gen4 series and the easy switch between options allows the operator to be highly flexible for applications in the most wide-ranging research and development processes. The choice of possible alignment operations allows a wide range of process requirements to be covered. The operator is supported by automated features such as on-screen structure visualizations and automatic wedge error compensation.

Details : Alignment Technology

  • Top-side alignment (TSA)
  • Bottom-side alignment (BSA)
  • Infrared alignment (IR)

Details: Supported bonding processes

  • Fusion
  • Automation