ACS300 Gen3 Coater & Developer

Powerful Solution for Advanced Packaging Applications

The modular system of ACS300 Gen3 is specifically designed for demanding high-volume production environments. It provides sophisticated coating, developing and baking functionalities that can be easily adapted to various processes. Maximum process control effectively supports the wide field of use. This, together with the smallest footprint on the market for a system with eight spinner modules, all qualities positively affecting cost-of-ownership, make the tool indispensable for any challenging advanced packaging application such as wafer-level chip-scale packaging, fan-out wafer-level packaging, copper pillar flip-chip packaging and 3D packaging.


  • Small footprint
  • Efficient chemical handling
  • Flexible process configuration
  • High throughput capabilities
  • Stable process results
ACS300 Gen3 Coater & Developer

One tool for all advanced packaging applications

By offering multiple process technologies such as photo resist, polyimide and PBO coating within one system, the ACS300 Gen3 delivers high efficiency. It also provides capabilities for up to five resist or four develop chemistries per module for optimal process flexibility. Moreover, the universal hotplate design eliminates the need for specific hotplates for different resist or PI types. The ACS300 Gen3 allows for simultaneous 200 and 300 mm wafer processing without mechanical changeover.

Attractive cost of ownership

The ACS300 Gen3 allows for efficient module stacking, thus saving costly space in the cleanroom. Up to twelve modules can be conveniently arranged on top of one another in a three-level modular system while the tool’s multiple chemical-saving features achieve further savings. Whether SUSS MicroTec’s proprietary GYRSET technology, a novel dispense technique or a chemical recirculation system - the tool uses chemicals economically and works in line with even the most rigid sustainability standards.

Excelling at throughput

When using the optional second robot system the ACS300 Gen3 reaches throughput rates up to 240 wph in a three-step process. An advanced process control system optimizes processing time: scheduling algorithms can be selectively swapped to ensure that time slots of bottleneck steps are fully utilized. Furthermore, features such as developer chemicals at elevated temperatures and flow modes reduce process times.

Consistent process monitoring leading to high yield

What makes the ACS300 Gen3 stand out is its high degree of process control. It is possible to continuously log process data for all relevant parameters such as temperature, flow, pressure, volume, purge rates, etc.. Data logging allows for precisely tuned process parameters, repeatable results and quick identification of potential weak points. Processes become more stable and repeatable, and yield can be significantly increased.

Details : Coating

  • Spin Coating

Details : Developing

  • Puddle Developing
  • Spray Developing


  • Closed-Loop Flow-Controller
  • Inverted Bottle
  • Scheduler-Software