DSC300 Gen3 Projection Scanner

The High-Throughput Alternative to 1X Steppers

SUSS MicroTec introduces its next-generation projection scanner – the DSC300 Gen3. This proprietary scanning lithography platform has best-in-class throughput with fine (< 2 μm) resolution capabilities at the lowest cost of ownership among 1X projection lithography systems.

The flexible DSC300 Gen3 Bridge-Tool for 200 mm and 300 mm wafers was re-engineered for higher performance and minimized overhead time. The DSC300 Gen3 Scanner delivers a 300 mm wafer throughput of more than 80 wafers per hour.

Its enhanced 1X Wynne-Dyson optics and four recipe-selectable numerical apertures (NA’s) enable the achievement of fine 2 μm features in thin resist, as well as >100 µm DoF in the thick resist. The full-field imaging technology of the DSC300 Gen3 supports industry roadmaps for large die patterning and mixed die packaging for heterogeneous integration. In addition, fan-out wafer-level packaging applications can benefit from its optical die-shift compensation option. This latest die-shift and run-in/run-out mitigation feature corrects for up to ± 200 ppm (30 µm on a 300 mm diameter wafer).

With the projection scanner DSC300 Gen3, SUSS MicroTec offers a complementary technology to its mask aligner portfolio and the lowest cost of ownership alternative for traditional projection stepper lithography.


  • High throughput of > 80 wph for 300 mm wafers at 400 mJ/cm² dose
  • Lowest CoO among 1X projection lithography tools
  • Same 2 µm resolution as 1X UV stepper lithography tools
  • ≤ 1.0 µm overlay (mean + 3 σ)
  • Full-field large-die patterning without stitching
  • ± 200 ppm optical die-shift compensation for FOWLP
DSC300 Gen3 Projection Scanner

The Alternative to 1X Steppers

Traditional 1X stepper lithography tools waste an excessive amount of time to ramp up stage speed, decelerate stage speed, then stop and settle. Multiply that wasted time for 50~70 shots and the resulting throughput is rather low.

Comparatively, the DSC300 Gen3 is exceptionally fast with its proprietary smooth, continuous serpentine scanning technique – no stops to waste time. The highly uniform beam with its well-controlled projection area insures that the features all the way out at the edges of the wafer get the same uniform dose as the inner wafer. In addition, the beam overlaps itself by 50% on each scan pass to further average the dose across the entire wafer.

Prior to each scan exposure, the system measures the UV intensity and controls the stage velocity to provide the intended UV dose programmed into the recipe. The scanned light uniformity across the entire wafer is ≥ 97% (≤ 3% non-uniformity).

Features & Benefits

  • Uses easy-to-design full-field masks (non-inverted)
  • Best pattern and position replication
  • Superior technique for large-die and heterogeneous integration
  • No step-field size limitations – no stitching
  • Fast exposure times with good uniformity

High Throughput

The DSC300 Gen3 Projection Scanner elevates 1X projection lithography throughput to new heights – achieving triple-digit levels for low doses (more than 80 wph for 300 mm wafers). An additional advantage to the DSC300 Gen3 is that the high throughput is stable for a specific UV dose no matter the pattern die size or wafer layout. Further, wafer edge exposure (WEE) and wafer edge protection (WEP) are handled by the full-field mask pattern and take no additional time.

  • Drastically higher throughput compared to 1X steppers
  • Throughput is not die-size, field-size, or pattern dependent

Details : Projection Optics

  • Enhanced Wynne-Dyson Lens
  • Beam Delivery System
  • Contamination Protection

Details : Focus-Level

  • Height Measurement System

Details : Handling

  • Wafer/Substrate

Details : Others

  • Optical Alignment
  • Environment Control Unit (ECU) and HEPA Airflow
  • SECS-II/GEM Interface


  • Dual Variable NA’s
  • Optical Run-in/Run-out Control
  • Optical Compensation