SUSS MicroTec can only be as successful as the weakest supporting organization within our supply chain. We need suppliers that clearly understand their business model to provide quality products and services, recognize the need for responsiveness to their customers, are price competitive, and are constantly seeking ways to improve their organization’s ability to provide their products or services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

It is the goal of the SUSS MicroTec procurement function to establish close working relationships within supplier partnerships with those suppliers who are best suited to provide the product or service for which they are contracted. This model is designed to create mutually beneficial, stable, long-term relationships with suppliers who are responsive to our requests, maintain high quality, effectively manage their business processes, and provide increasing value to SUSS MicroTec and its customers. This model requires effective, open communication and an understanding of the expectations of both partners.

General Terms of Purchase

Delivery Instructions

Business Partner Code of Conduct