MA200 Gen3 Mask Aligner

Alignment and Exposure for a Multitude of Applications

Specially designed for high-volume production the MA200 Gen3 mask aligner is suited for the automated processing of square substrates and wafers up to 200 mm. It combines leading-edge 1x lithography technology with a variety of innovative features making it the system of choice for thick-resist MEMS applications, 3D patterning over topography, and advanced packaging applications such as 3D packaging, fan-out, bumping as well as compound semiconductor and image sensors.


  • Leading process stability
  • Unmatched throughput for thick materials
  • Process flexibility for a multitude of applications
MA200 Gen3 Mask Aligner

The MA200 Gen3 offers intelligent solutions for a large range of process requirements. Its various alignment options, flexible optics, and special add-ons make it an all-purpose tool for multiple handling and processing needs.

A high level of automation, e.g. with an optional automatic filter exchange unit, shortens valuable process times and significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Ease of use has played a major role in the design of the MA200 Gen3. Features such as an adjustable monitor and an ergonomic I/O interface, a continuous-run load port, and a direct view of the exposure stage make it comfortable to work with the MA200 Gen3 even under a high workload.

With its wide range of add-ons, the MA200 Gen3 is easily adaptable for specific applications.

Details : Alignment

  • Top-side alignment (TSA)
  • Bottom-side alignment (BSA)
  • Infrared alignment (IR)
  • DirectAlign®

Details : Exposure

  • Proximity Lithography
  • Soft Contact Exposure
  • Hard Contact Exposure
  • Vacuum Contact Exposure

Details : Optics

  • MO Exposure Optics®
  • HR and LGO optics
  • Diffraction-Reducing Optics
  • UV-LED light source

Details : Automation

  • Automatic Filter Change
  • Wedge Error Compensation (WEC)
  • Auto Alignment

Details : Process Control

  • Mask Library


  • ThermAlign®
  • Large Clearfield Alignment
  • Enhanced Alignment
  • Active Gap Setting


  • Lab Simulation Software
  • Source Mask Optimization


  • Flow Box
  • Wafer Handling Toolings


  • SECS-II/GEM Interface