XBS200 Wafer Bonder

Wafer Bonding Platform for High-Volume Production

The universal XBS200 platform allows for aligned wafer bonding of wafer sizes up to 200 mm. Its versatility and modular design offer maximum process flexibility in all permanent bonding tasks. A novel aligned wafer transfer method eliminates the complexity of traditional systems and offers consistent process results with excellent system availability. The XBS200 platform offers low cost of ownership for high-volume production of MEMS, LED and 3D advanced packaging.


  • Submicron alignment accuracy
  • Integrated metrology option
  • Unique laser pre-bond option
  • High process repeatability
  • Low cost of ownership
XBS200 Wafer Bonder


  • Process Parameter
  • Substrates

Details : Modules

  • MHU Material Handling Unit
  • XBA Bond Aligner
  • XB200 Bond Chamber
  • PL200 Plasma Chamber
  • AC200 Aqueous Cleaner
  • MM200 Metrology Module

Details : Bonding Technologies

  • Adhesive
  • Anodic
  • Eutectic
  • Fusion
  • Glass Frit
  • Hybrid Bonding
  • Metal Diffusion
  • Slid