XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W

World’s first hybrid bonding allrounder for 200 mm and 300 mm substrates

The new XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W cluster is the only platform in the world to integrate all existing hybrid bonding processes in a single tool: W2W, collective D2W and sequential D2W. The XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W is the result of a cooperation between SUSS MicroTec and SET Corporation SA, a leading supplier of high-precision flip-chip bonders. Compared to traditional stand-alone W2W and D2W clusters, the XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W offers a significantly reduced footprint. Investment costs are considerably lower because process modules that are redundant in separate stand-alone systems are only needed once. The XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W is a powerful and highly flexible universal platform that enhances hybrid bonding process development for advanced 3D stacking applications such as system-on-chip (SoC) and stacked IC (SIC).

Developed in close collaboration with our cooperation partner SET. SET Logo


  • Ideal for Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs)
  • Enabling parallel development and qualification of hybrid bonding processes
  • Integrated state-of-the-art flip-chip die bonder from SET Corporation SA
  • D2W transfer with very low inter-die spacing at maximum yield
  • Consistent ultra-high alignment accuracy
  • Closed-loop feedback between integrated metrology and bond aligner
XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W

The XBC300 Gen2 D2W/W2W is specifically tailored to the needs of R&D lines or RTOs (research and technology organizations), who want to focus on one process first, but would like the option of developing further hybrid bonding processes in parallel or in the future. All process modules share the same core technology with dedicated stand-alone systems for D2W and W2W. This allows easy and reliable transfer from R&D to low and high-volume manufacturing.

In addition to the process modules required for W2W bonding with industry-leading alignment accuracy of < +/- 50nm, the XBC300Gen2 D2W/W2W features an integrated NEO HB die bonder from technology partner SET Corporation SA, offering +/-100nm alignment accuracy. A high-precision and throughput-optimized metrology station enables in-line verification of the alignment accuracy of both W2W and D2W bonds across all processes. Based on the XBC300 Gen2, an industry-renowned platform used by well-known major IDM customers in the field of temporary bonding, the XBC300Gen2 D2W/W2W allows for handling extremely thin microchips on tape frame carriers.

Details: Bonding Technologies

  • Hybrid Bonding
  • Fusion Bonding

Details : Modules

  • MHU Material Handling Unit
  • XBA Bond Aligner
  • Cleaner Module
  • Plasma Module
  • Low force bond chamber
  • Integrated Metrology Module
  • Die Bonder