LabSpin Series Spin Coater & Developer

Laboratory Spin Coat and Develop Solution for Wafers up to 150 and 200mm

SUSS MicroTec‘s LabSpin platform represents the next generation of manual spin coater and developer systems that have been developed specifically for laboratory and R&D. Designed for a variety of  photolithography chemicals, LabSpin systems provide uniform, precise and repeatable spin coating results on the wafer through its advanced cup design.


Large process variety including spin coating and puddle developing

Edge bead removal

Adjustable dispense position allows for center dispense and edge coating

LabSpin systems are offered in two versions for up to 150 or 200mm wafers, either as table-top (TT) unit or for integration into a wet bench (BM). LabSpin spin coaters can process a wide range of substrates starting from pieces up to 150/200mm round wafers 100x100mm or 150x150mm squares.

The small footprint requires only minimum space. A wide range of LabSpin options are available designed to suit the needs of any application. LabSpin systems offer spin coating optional with syringe or automatic dispense system, edge coating, edge bead removal or puddle development.

Details: Coating & Developing

Spin coating is the process of evenly coating a spinning substrate with a solution. The solution, for instance a photosensitive resist, is dispensed at the center of the wafer. Subsequent acceleration as well as the rotation speed and the time allotted to the individual steps ensure that a homogeneous layer thickness remains after excess resist is spun off. Alongside the process parameters, the physical properties of the solution or photoresist determine the thickness of the applied film.

SUSS MicroTec’s proprietary GYRSET technology provides cutting-edge advantages. The GYRSET principle entails synchronous rotation of the process chamber during coating, in this way effectively reducing air turbulence over the rotating substrate. The atmosphere within the closed chamber becomes more quickly saturated with solvents, so that the resist dries more slowly and is thus distributed more evenly over the substrate. This results in significant savings in terms of required material.

Spin coating is limited in use to structures without high topography.

Features and Benefits

  • Spin coating: a simple and widely used technique
  • Proprietary GYRSET technique reduces the material required and cuts costs

Available for:

Automated Coater and Developer

Semi-Automated Coater and Developer

Puddle developing involves dispensing a defined quantity of developer to the exposed substrate, gently spinning it to spread the developer. Due to the surface tension of the developing agent, a convex puddle is formed on the wafer. Once developing time is completed, the wafer is rotated quickly to spin off the developer agent. The wafer is subsequently rinsed with deionized water and dried, once again at a high rotation speed. The main advantage of the technique is that only very little developing agent is required while maintaining excellent process results.

Puddle developing is no longer feasible when the developing agent becomes saturated, for example when a large quantity of photoresist needs to be removed or a high structural topography prevents exchange of the developer. In such cases, a multi-stage puddle developing process or spray developing is used.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimal chemical consumption

Available for:

Automated Coater and Developer

Semi-Automated Coater and Developer

LabSpin Configurator

What are your needs?

Beside some overall requirements all labs have different needs which arise from their specialized topics. This is why SUSS MicroTecs LabSpin tools are well designed and rock solid built basic coaters but can be equipped with various carefully selected options.

This configurator will guide you in a few easy steps to your perfect new lab tool.

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