LabSpin Series Spin Coater & Developer

Laboratory Spin Coat and Develop Solution for Wafers up to 150 and 200mm

SUSS MicroTec‘s LabSpin platform represents the next generation of manual spin coater and developer systems that have been developed specifically for laboratory and R&D. Designed for a variety of photolithography chemicals, LabSpin systems provide uniform, precise and repeatable spin coating results on the wafer through its advanced process chamber design.


  • Large process variety including spin coating and puddle developing
  • Edge bead removal
  • Dispense positioning is flexibly adjustable
LabSpin Series Spin Coater & Developer

The LabSpin is available in various versions, as a table-top unit and as a built-in unit. Built-in platforms are designed for integration into a wet bench, a glove box or are used in the SUSS LabCluster. LabSpin6 is suitable for round substrates up to 150 mm diameter or square substrates up to 100x100 mm. LabSpin8 is suitable for round substrates up to 200 mm diameter or square substrates up to 150x150 mm. With a wide range of substrate holders, even fragments and special shapes can be processed without any problems. The LabSpin platform is characterized by a compact and space-saving design and requires little clean room space.

The large variety of LabSpin options allows a very wide range of applications. Coatings can be applied manually with syringes, semi-automatically with cartridges or with up to two fully automatic dispensing systems. In addition to edge coating, edge bead removal and puddle development, further options are available.

Details : Coating & Developing

  • Spin Coating
  • Puddle Developing