RCD8 Coater & Developer

Resist Coat and Develop Platform

The RCD8 semi-automated coater and developer platform is an outstanding tool for R&D and small-scale production and can be custom configured for each application.

The design of the RCD8 semi-automated coater and developer platform draws on SUSS MicroTec's expertise in large-scale production. It is built using the same high-quality components as SUSS MicroTec's full production assemblies. As such, the RCD8 coater and developer platform delivers top application quality with maximum reliability and repeat accuracy. Application-specific substrate chucks allow for the processing of various substrate materials and shapes. These range from square substrates measuring up to 150 x 150 mm and standard wafers up to 200 mm to special shapes up to a maximum size of 200 mm.


  • Maximum flexibility for applications
  • Customizable configuration
  • Safe and ergonomic use
  • High availability and process stability
RCD8 Coater & Developer

A fully equipped RCD8 works with SUSS MicroTec's GYRSET® technology and up to four dispenser systems. When equipped with a simple coater, the RCD8 can also manually process substrates in an open bowl variant. In its developer setup, the RCD8 can be configured as a puddle or spray developer.

Precision process management for optimal results

The RCD8 can be equipped with various tried-and-tested dispensing systems capable of handling photoresists with a viscosity from <1 cP to 55000 cP. Alongside cartridge-based and automated dispensing systems, the RCD8 also offers edge bead removal, back-side rinse and automated cleaning of nozzles and the process chamber. Up to four dispenser systems can be collated onto one programmable dispenser arm for exact positioning over the substrate and following the specific recipe.

The chuck is rated for maximum rotational speeds of up to 10,000 rpm (up to 12,000 rpm by request) with acceleration of 7,000 rpm/sec. Coating is performed automatically using a pressurized cartridge or a mechanical pump. Optional dosing system for functions such as back-side rinse and edge bead removal expand the potential range of applications. A motorized cartridge dispenser system enables significant material savings during tests or small-scale production, without sacrificing on the top-quality results.

The coater and developer also include a manual centering system for simple handling of substrates. By request, the substrate handling can also be enhanced with supplemental lift-pins in the substrate chuck. A large touchscreen and the battle-tested MMC software from the large scale production assembles ensure that the operator has full control at all times and can directly monitor the ongoing processes. A simple-to-use recipe editor allows for recipes to be composed and managed flexibly. This also means for example uncomplicated programming of recipe loops as needed. Recipes developed in the RCD8 can also be transferred to the fully automated coater and developer systems of the ACS200 platform.

A focus on the operator: protection and easy use

The industry's strong safety standards are reflected in the RCD8. Various modern sensor technologies as well as lockable hoods ensure that the operator is optimally protected. When the safety hood is open, fluids can be added manually during the process.

If changes or adjustments are required, the flexible platform can be upgraded with a variety of supplemented functions to optimally meet the future needs of the customer.

The RCD8 can also be integrated into the SUSS MicroTec LabCluster to incorporate additional functions such as baking and vapor priming as well as a series of configuration options.

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  • Spin Coating
  • Puddle Developing